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CGAS - Volcano Adventure Antigua to San Jos

From the evocative cobblestone streets of Antigua to the lush cloud forests of Costa Rica, get off the tourist track and discover the colour and spirit of Central America. Explore ancient Mayan ruins at Cop n and visit small villages for insight into the region's vibrant culture. Unwind on the white-sand beaches of Roat n and then delve into the jungle of Costa Rica to explore volcans. With its combination of included activities and countless thrilling options, this trip offers you the chance to personalize your adventure into something special.


G Adventures for Good: Posadas Mayas Homestay, San Juan La Laguna Hands-on: Cooking Class, Antigua Guatemala
Cop n guided tour
Beach time in Roat n and Manuel Antonio
Guided cloud forest night walk (Monteverde)
Free time in La Fortuna and Monteverde
Internal flight
All transport between destinations and to/from included activities
Tour Provider G Adventures
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $2,849
Start Location
Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
End Location
San Jos , Guatemala
Age Range
Min :12
Group Size
1 to 16
Tour Style
Tour Themes
Small Group
Physical Rating
Easy to Moderate
Tour departure dates
02 Sep 201822 Sep 2018Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
23 Sep 201813 Oct 2018Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
07 Oct 201827 Oct 2018Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
11 Nov 201801 Dec 201814AUD $3,159
02 Dec 201822 Dec 2018Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
16 Dec 201805 Jan 20199AUD $3,159
06 Jan 201926 Jan 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
13 Jan 201902 Feb 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
20 Jan 201909 Feb 201912AUD $3,159
27 Jan 201916 Feb 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
03 Feb 201923 Feb 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
10 Feb 201902 Mar 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
17 Feb 201909 Mar 201914AUD $2,849
24 Feb 201916 Mar 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
03 Mar 201923 Mar 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
24 Mar 201913 Apr 201916AUD $2,999
07 Apr 201927 Apr 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
28 Apr 201918 May 201914AUD $2,849
26 May 201915 Jun 201916AUD $2,849
23 Jun 201913 Jul 201916AUD $2,849
07 Jul 201927 Jul 201916AUD $2,999
21 Jul 201910 Aug 201916AUD $2,999
11 Aug 201931 Aug 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
25 Aug 201914 Sep 201916AUD $2,999
15 Sep 201905 Oct 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
29 Sep 201919 Oct 201916AUD $2,849
20 Oct 201909 Nov 201914AUD $2,849
10 Nov 201930 Nov 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
24 Nov 201914 Dec 201916AUD $3,159
08 Dec 201928 Dec 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
22 Dec 201911 Jan 202016AUD $3,159
29 Dec 201918 Jan 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
05 Jan 202025 Jan 202016AUD $2,849
19 Jan 202008 Feb 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
26 Jan 202015 Feb 202016AUD $2,849
09 Feb 202029 Feb 202016AUD $2,849
16 Feb 202007 Mar 202016AUD $2,849
01 Mar 202021 Mar 202016AUD $2,849
22 Mar 202011 Apr 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
05 Apr 202025 Apr 202016AUD $2,849
03 May 202023 May 202016AUD $2,849
07 Jun 202027 Jun 202016AUD $2,849
21 Jun 202011 Jul 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
05 Jul 202025 Jul 202016AUD $2,849
19 Jul 202008 Aug 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
02 Aug 202022 Aug 202016AUD $2,849
30 Aug 202019 Sep 202016AUD $2,849
20 Sep 202010 Oct 202016AUD $2,849
04 Oct 202024 Oct 202016AUD $2,849
18 Oct 202007 Nov 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
01 Nov 202021 Nov 202016AUD $2,849
29 Nov 202019 Dec 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
06 Dec 202026 Dec 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,849 
20 Dec 202009 Jan 202116AUD $2,849
Day 1 - Antigua Guatemala
Arrive at any time.
Day 2 - Antigua Guatemala
Enjoy a free day to explore Antigua. Opt to relax with a massage or soak up the culture in one of many caf s. Master the art of Latin American cuisine at a cooking class.
Day 3 - Antigua Guatemala/Panajachel
Journey to Panajachel, Guatemala, a beautiful town on Lake Atitl n that is surrounded by spectacular volcans and small villages. Opt to explore the town on arrival.
Day 4 - Panajachel/San Juan La Laguna
Take a boat tour around Lake Atitl n to local indigenous villages and visit a G Adventures-supported Mayan community project.
Day 5 - San Juan La Laguna/Antigua Guatemala
Return to Antigua and enjoy a free afternoon. Opt to take salsa lessons, attend a chocolate-making workshop, visit one of the local coffee or macadamia nut plantations, or soak up the culture of this colonial town's many museums and caf s.
Day 6 - Antigua Guatemala/Rio Dulce
Travel across Guatemala to Rio Dulce.
Day 7 - Rio Dulce
Opt to visit the coastal town of Livingston by boat, or go for a swim in a natural hot waterfall.
Day 8 - Rio Dulce/Cop n
Cross into Honduras and head for the town of Cop n.
Day 9 - Cop n
Enjoy a guided tour of the Mayan ruins of Cop n and opt to soak in hot springs.
Day 10 - Cop n/Roat n
Full travel day from Cop n to Roat n.
Day 19 - Manuel Antonio
Enjoy a free day to visit Manuel Antonio National Park, sail, snorkel or surf in the Pacific. Opt to kayak through mangroves or relax on the beach.
Day 18 - Monteverde/Manuel Antonio
Travel to Quepos, just outside Manuel Antonio National Park. Opt to visit the park or relax on the beach in this fun surf town. Enjoy a night out and perhaps learn how to salsa.
Day 17 - Monteverde
Enjoy a free day to explore the cloud forest region of Costa Rica. Opt to fly across canopy ziplines or tour a coffee plantation.
Day 16 - La Fortuna/Monteverde
Travel into the misty cloud forests of Monteverde. Take an included guided night walk to learn about nocturnal life in the cloud forest firsthand.
Day 11 - Roat n
Enjoy free time on this island paradise. Opt to rent a bike, snorkel, scuba dive, or just relax.
Day 14 - La Fortuna
Enjoy free time in La Fortuna for optionals such as waterfall rappelling, whitewater rafting, or hiking.
Day 13 - Roat n/La Fortuna
Travel by van and plane to Costa Rica and finish in La Fortuna, home to Arenal volcano.
Day 12 - Roat n
Enjoy free time on this island paradise. Opt to rent a bike, snorkel, scuba dive, or just relax.
Day 20 - Manuel Antonio/San Jos
Travel to San Jos , and opt for a night out with the group.
Day 15 - La Fortuna
Enjoy free time in La Fortuna for optionals such as waterfall rappelling, whitewater rafting, or hiking.
Day 21 - San Jos
Depart at any time.