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Northern Lights Eco Escape

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, is one of the best places in the world for viewing the northern lights. Not only is it directly under the auroral oval (so you are right under the lights as opposed to seeing them on the horizon), but it is mostly flat, providing unobstructed views of the dancing colours above. The eco-lodge is accessible only by bush flight (included in the package) and therefore far away from city lights. Combine all of this with very little precipitation year-round and nearly every night offers the ultimate opportunity to catch one of the world's most breathtaking natural performances. The lodge itself runs primarily on solar and wind power, has a greenhouse and garden producing fresh vegetables in season, initiated a fish management program to maintain a healthy stock of fish, follows a strict recycling and composting program, and engages with the local community through multiple projects and partnerships. Late summer and autumn stays include activity options such as paddling, hiking, swimming, yoga, boating, and local handicraft workshops. In the winter, try your hand at igloo/quinzhee building, snowshing, skating, skiing, or even fat biking! Or simply enjoy the open sky views from your room, lounge deck, or hot tub.


Scenic bush plane flight (Yellowknife - Blachford - Yellowknife)
All meals and snacks while at the lodge
2 nights twin-share cabin (lodge room available at extra cost)
All night Aurora-Watch service
Daily 2hr guided interpretive experience
Use of all seasonal outdoor equipment (canoe, kayak, snowshoes, skiis, ice skates, fat bikes, etc)
Use of Aurora lounge, fireplaces, northern library, hot tub, sauna, teepee, Aurora viewing decks
Get off-grid and directly under the auroral oval
View the northern lights from your room, the hot tub, or the viewing deck
Partake in daily guided interpretive experiences
Fly high above the northern wilderness with scenic bush plane flights into/out of the lodge
From August through October, enjoy paddling, hiking, and swimming
From December through April, enjoy snowshoeing, skiing, or igloo/quinzhee building
Tour Provider Great Canadian Trails
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $1,590
Start Location
Yellowknife, Canada
End Location
Age Range
Min :14
Group Size
1 to 30
Tour Style
Tour Themes
Physical Rating
Tour departure dates
02 Mar 201804 Mar 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
07 Mar 201809 Mar 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
09 Mar 201811 Mar 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
14 Mar 201816 Mar 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
16 Mar 201818 Mar 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
21 Mar 201823 Mar 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
23 Mar 201825 Mar 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
28 Mar 201830 Mar 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
30 Mar 201801 Apr 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
04 Apr 201806 Apr 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
06 Apr 201808 Apr 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
22 Aug 201824 Aug 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
24 Aug 201826 Aug 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
29 Aug 201831 Aug 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
31 Aug 201802 Sep 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
05 Sep 201807 Sep 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
07 Sep 201809 Sep 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
12 Sep 201814 Sep 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
14 Sep 201816 Sep 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
19 Sep 201821 Sep 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
21 Sep 201823 Sep 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
26 Sep 201828 Sep 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
28 Sep 201830 Sep 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
03 Oct 201805 Oct 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
05 Oct 201807 Oct 2018AvailableAUD $1,590
Day 1
You will need to make your own way to the float plan base in Yellowknife this morning (exact time and location/directions will be provided closer to departure). Your flight will take approximately 30 minutes from the time you take off in Yellowknife, to landing at the lodge. Along the way you can see the vast shore of Yellowknife Bay on your right and a series of finger-like lakes on the left Jennejohn, Harding, Hearne, Watta and finally Blachford. See how the glaciers carved the landscape. Here and there, you can spot a small camp, a river, rapids, or a waterfall. As you travel, at about 1600m, you get a bird's eye view of the land. Watch for moose and bear which can both be visible from above. Upon arrival at the lodge you will have a guest orientation and get to know the beautiful site around you. Tonight is your first opportunity to view the spectacular Aurora Borealis!
Day 2
The day is yours to explore the area as you wish. Please refer to 'A Typical Day' below for potential activities based on the time of year. Be as active or as relaxed as you like - enjoy the hot tub or sauna, lounge in the library, venture out onto the lake or trails, or partake in a guided experience - then enjoy a delectable dinner before the nightly routine of keeping your eyes on the skies!
Day 3
Enjoy a full morning at the lodge, then head back down to the lake after lunch where you'll board your scenic bush plane back to Yellowknife, returning around 2pm.

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