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SEV17YA - Complete Gal pagos - Yolita

For those looking to spend more time in the Gal pagos, this 17-day itinerary includes visits to several islands and loads of opportunities to observe unique wildlife. From colonies of marine iguanas, to blue-footed boobie nesting sites and the coolest acting giant tortoises in the Western Hemisphere, the Gal pagos are so much more than a collection of islands; they're a lesson in evolution itself (and a fun one, at that!).


Arrival transfer
Certified Gal pagos National Park Service Guide
Cruise the Gal pagos Islands aboard the Yolita (7 nts)
All meals aboard the Yolita
Excursion to see red-footed boobies (Genovesa Island)
Hike to the Bartolom Island viewpoint overlooking the famous Pinnacle Rock
Sierra Negra Hike (Isabela Island)
Chance to see flightless cormorants and penguins (Isabela Island)
Spot frigatebirds and blue-footed boobies (North Seymour Island)
Snorkelling at Kicker Rock, Corona del Diablo, Isla Lobos and Gardner Bay
Excursion to see giant tortoises in the wild (Santa Cruz Island)
Visit to Post Office Bay (Floreana Island)
Onboard snorkelling equipment and wetsuits while aboard the Yolita
Internal flights
All transport between destinations and to/from included activities
Tour Provider G Adventures
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $9,299
Start Location
Quito, Ecuador
End Location
Quito, Ecuador
Age Range
Min :12
Group Size
1 to 16
Tour Style
Tour Themes
Marine/Cruise, Small Group
Physical Rating
Tour departure dates
26 May 201811 Jun 2018Fully BookedAUD $9,299 
09 Jun 201825 Jun 2018Fully BookedAUD $9,299 
23 Jun 201809 Jul 2018Fully BookedAUD $9,299 
07 Jul 201823 Jul 2018Fully BookedAUD $9,299 
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22 Dec 201807 Jan 20192AUD $10,299
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19 Jan 201904 Feb 20192AUD $9,299
02 Feb 201918 Feb 2019Fully BookedAUD $9,299 
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13 Apr 201929 Apr 2019Fully BookedAUD $9,299 
27 Apr 201913 May 2019Fully BookedAUD $9,299 
11 May 201927 May 2019Fully BookedAUD $9,299 
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28 Sep 201914 Oct 201916AUD $9,299
12 Oct 201928 Oct 201916AUD $9,299
26 Oct 201911 Nov 20198AUD $9,299
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23 Nov 201909 Dec 2019Fully BookedAUD $9,299 
07 Dec 201923 Dec 201915AUD $9,299
21 Dec 201906 Jan 202015AUD $10,299
Day 1 - Quito
Arrive at anytime. Arrival transfer included.
Day 2 - Mariscal Sucre International Airport/Seymour Airport
Take an early flight to the Gal pagos Islands. Head to Bachas Beach to see Sally Lightfoot crabs, flamingos and sea lions.
Day 3 - Genovesa Island
Visit Darwin Bay and marvel at the sheer number of birds along the many trails. Head to El Barranco in the afternoon to see the many types of boobies, including red-footed boobies.
Day 4 - Bartolom Island/Sullivan Bay
Visit Bartolom for a guided tour to see the island's dramatic volcanic features. Continue to Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island to witness the giant lava formations contrasting the white-coral-sand beach.
Day 5 - Isabela Island
Early landing in the small town of Puerto Villamil before beginning the hike to the Sierra Negra Volcano, which has the largest basaltic caldera in the Gal pagos. In the afternoon, explore the tortoise breeding centre in the Puerto Villamil area.
Day 6 - Elizabeth Bay/Urbina Bay
Pay a morning visit to Elizabeth Bay which offers amazing bird and marine life viewing opportunities. Head out on the pangas and explore the shallows and mangroves to look for sea turtles and penguins. Visit Urbina Bay, located at the base of Alcedo Volcano. Hike the trail to get a view of the caldera and watch for land iguanas along the way.
Day 7 - Tagus Cove/Punta Espinoza
Stop for a visit at Tagus Cove and hike to a lookout to get a stunning view of the bay. Spot old graffiti on the cliffs from whalers and pirates who once visited the the cove. Continue to Punta Espinoza on Fernandina, the youngest of the Gal pagos Islands. Witness the large colony of marine iguanas and a variety of bird life.
Day 8 - R bida Island/Playa Espumilla
Take a morning excursion to the red sand beaches of R bida to see a lagoon and sea lion colony. in the afternoon, visit Playa Espumilla, one of the most idyllic beaches in the Gal pagos Islands and home to thick mangroves and flamingo and sea turtle nesting sites.
Day 15 - Chinese Hat/Cerro Drag n
Visit the white sand beach at Chinese Hat in the morning, before an afternoon at Cerro Drag n for an opportunity to break out the binoculars and do some excellent birdwatching.
Day 14 - Punta Cormorant/Floreana Island
This morning, snorkel at Devil's Crown, a coral reef surrounded by an eroded volcanic crater, the perfect home for marine life. Look out for small sharks, rays and schools of tropical fish. In the afternoon, make sure you have a postcard to leave behind on a visit to Post Office Bay.
Day 13 - Santa Cruz Island
Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station to see the giant Gal pagos tortoises and go on an excursion to the Santa Cruz Highlands. Free time for shopping or exploration of Puerto Ayora.
Day 9 - Islas Daphne/North Seymour
Visit Daphne, a tiny conical island, home to nesting blue-footed boobies, frigatebirds, Darwin's finches, and other wonderful wildlife. In the afternoon, visit North Seymour Island to look out for Blue-footed Boobies.
Day 11 - Bah a Gardner/Punta Su rez
Sail in to Gardner Bay, an excellent swimming and snorkelling site. Head to Punta Suarez on Espa ola Island. The southernmost island in the Gal pagos archipelago is home to several wildlife species, including masked and blue-footed boobies. A hike to the top of the cliff makes for spectacular photo opportunities.
Day 10 - Cerro Brujo/Kicker Rock
Morning landing at Cerro Brujo on San Crist bal to observe sea lions, marine iguanas, and seabirds along the beach. Continue to the dramatic Kicker Rock in the afternoon to witness the steep vertical stone walls rising from the ocean and some of the best snorkelling in the Gal pagos. In the afternoon, head to Isla Lobos known for its friendly sea lions.
Day 16 - Black Turtle Cove/Quito
Explore the mangrove lagoon at Black Turtle Cove. In the afternoon, transfer for a flight back to Quito for one last night on the town.
Day 12 - Santa F Island/South Plaza
Visit Santa Fe island for a chance to mingle with the iguanas. Continue to South Plaza for some great bird watching opportunities.
Day 17 - Quito
Depart at any time.