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Uyuni Salt Flats and Potosi

Our adventure begins in La Paz and journeys on to the Tiahuanaco archaeological site, which was the administrative and religious heart of pre-Incan civilisation that began in the year 237 BC and endured for over 1400 years. After a morning city tour of La Paz we travel by road across the northern highlands to Oruro and then by train to Uyuni. At Colchani we watch the locals producing salt and we cross the world's largest salt flat, the stunning Salar de Uyuni, to 'Isla Incahuasi' an island situated in the centre of the salt flat made of rock formations and home to a species of cactus aged at 700 years, we even overnight at a salt hotel! We continue north to see the mummies of Coquesa in the foothills of the Tunupa volcano and then onto Potosi, one of the highest cities in the world with an elevation of 4090 m. We take a city tour of the colonial city of Potosi followed by a tour of Cerro Rico or Mount of Riches, because of the incredibly large amount of silver that has been mined from it. Our adventure culminates in Sucre where we visit the House of the Liberty (Casa de la Libertad), where the Act of Independence of Bolivia was signed in 1825 and Bolivar Park to see examples of the aristocratic tradition of Sucre. We also visit the Museum of La Recoleta and the museum of Indian Textiles. Our trip concludes with a flight back to the thriving La Paz for one last night.


8 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 1 dinner
Expert bilingual guides
Train from Oruro to Uyuni
Flight from Sucre to La Paz valued at approx. US$100
Non private tourist class bus from La Paz to Oruro and Potosi to Sucre
Comfortable and central hotels
Sightseeing and site entrance fees as listed
Airport transfer (day 8 only)
Cross the world's largest salt flats, Salar de Uyuni
Immerse in the sights and sounds of the bustling city of La Paz
Explore the colonial city of Potosi, sitting at 4090m
Visit the Tiahuanaco archaeological site, the administrative and religious heart of pre-Incan civilisation
See the mummies of Coquesa in the foothills of the Tunupa volcano
Enjoy a fascinating tour of Cerro Rico
Tour Provider World Expeditions
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $2,430
Start Location
La Paz, Bolivia
End Location
Age Range
Avg. 30+
Group Size
2 to 15
Tour Style
Tour Themes
Physical Rating
Tour departure dates
18 Apr 201925 Apr 2019AvailableAUD $2,430
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26 Dec 201902 Jan 2020AvailableAUD $2,430
30 Dec 201906 Jan 2020AvailableAUD $2,430
Day 1
Our journey begins with a pick up from our central La Paz hotel at around 10 am (please ensure you advise your reservations consultant of your pre tour hotel details if you have not booked this with World Expeditions). The trip to Tiahuanaco is 72 km/45 miles and takes about an hour from La Paz. The drive takes us through the Bolivian Highlands and provides the opportunity to see the Aymara Indians way of life. It was one of the oldest American cultures, Carbon 14 dating gives us an average age of 1580 BC to 1150 AC. This area is considered the cradle of the American man and one of the most advanced cultures in development at that time.Their main constructions are: the Kalasasaya temple with the main stone work similar to the Gate of the Sun, the monoliths Ponce and Fraile; the Akapana pyramid and the Semi underground temple. We will visit two of the local museums to see the rich pottery and stone work.
Day 2
This morning, our journey takes us from the city of La Paz crossing the northern highlands towards southwest to Oruro (3 ½ hours in bus), a big mining centre, where we will stop for lunch. In the afternoon we’ll take the train to Uyuni (6-7 hours), crossing a big portion of the highlands. The train on Tuesday & Friday departs at 15.00 and arrives at 22.00. On Wednesday & Sunday the train departs at 19.00 and arrives 02.00 + 1. Your local guide will join you to Oruro and help you board the train to Uyuni. Your next local guide will greet you in Uyuni and continue on with the group until Day 7 when you fly from Sucre; the first guide will then rejoin you at the airport in La Paz.
Day 3
We will have a morning trip to Colchani to see locals producing salt, we enter this natural wonder of the nature of salt, with over 10.582 km2, crossing to “Isla Incahuasi” (2 hours). This area has a special habitat of volcanic rocks and giant cactus. From here we continue north through the saltflats to the mummies of Coquesa in the foothills of the Tunupa volcano (1 hour). Finally we return east again to Colchani, to overnight in the first salt hotel in the shores of the saltflats (2 hours). This is the perfect location to enjoy a beautiful sunset!
Day 4
This morning enjoy a trip crossing branches of the Andes Range with great landscapes, old mines and Indian villages en route to the mining city of Potosi (4 hours). In the afternoon we will tour this lovely colonial city, seeing the famous Mint House, colonial churches and have a stroll through town. Potosi is one of the highest cities in the world at 4090 metres and it was the location of the Spanish colonial mint for centuries.
Day 5
Today you have the chance to visit a mine to see the remains of the silver production in the famous Silver Mountain. The mine is still a working mine and the visit involves going underground into small and cramped tunnels with very low ceilings. This might be an uncomfortable experience for some people and if you are claustrophobic we suggest to take a wander through the city instead. In the afternoon you’ll take a bus to Sucre, descending from the highlands to the lower valleys, crossing the Pilcomayo River, to finally reach the colonial city of Sucre (3 hours).
Day 6
Today you’ll visit the House of the Liberty (Casa de la Libertad), where the Act of Independence of Bolivia was signed in 1825, the Bolivar Park, to see examples of the aristocratic tradition of Sucre, with small replicas of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc of Triumph of Paris. You will also visit the church and museum of La Recoleta, and the museum of Indian Textiles ASUR. The evening will be at your leisure.
Day 7
This morning a transfer will take us to the airport at Sucre for our flight to La Paz. This flight generally departs at around 11 am, arriving at around 1 pm, though schedules can differ. On arrival in La Paz, we will be transferred to our hotel and the rest of the day is free to enjoy the La Paz.
Day 8
After breakfast, you will have a transferred to the airport for your onward flight.