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DMMU - Ultimate Madagascar Adventure

Home to mind-blowing scenery, lush rainforests, curious lemurs, and all the outdoor splendour you could possibly ask for (and then some), Madagascar was made for adventure travel. This comprehensive tour takes you deep inside Africa's amazing jungle island for close encounters with both wildlife and humans over 20 incredible days. Sit down for dinner with a ghost-talker at a homestay near Lake Andraikiba, swim in natural pools and splash about under waterfalls, encounter the unique trees of Baobab Alley, and soak up nature at its finest in some of the island's national parks. Madagascar is so out-there it feels like another planet. Get out there.


Your Local Living Moment: Community Guesthouse and Traditional Dinner, Fiadanana Your Discover Moment: Ifaty
Andasibe Indri Special Reserve guided walk
Artisan workshop visit
Traditional healer visit
Paper factory visits
Anja Reserve walk
Isalo National Park visit
Sunrise and sunset at Baobab Alley
4x4 journey between Morondava to Bekopaka
Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve guided visit
Canoe excursion on the Manambolo River
Internal flights
All transport between destinations and to/from activities
Tour Provider G Adventures
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $0
Start Location
Antananarivo, Madagascar
End Location
Morondava, Madagascar
Age Range
Avg. 30+
Group Size
1 to 16
Tour Style
Tour Themes
Physical Rating
Moderate to Challenging
Tour departure dates
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Day 1 - Antananarivo
Arrive at any time.
Day 2 - Antananarivo/Andasibe
Travel to Andasibe-Perinet National Park with scenic stops en route. Stay in a quiet area near Andasibe and explore the Indri Special Reserve section of this massive area.
Day 3 - Andasibe
Spend the day exploring this national park. Stay in a quiet area near Andasibe and explore the Indri Special Reserve section of this massive area.
Day 4 - Andasibe/Antsirabe
Travel to the colonial city of Antsirabe, stopping to see rice paddies along the way.
Day 5 - Antsirabe/Fiadanana
Visit Lake Andraikiba before continuing to the small village of Fiadanana. Opt to explore this beautiful village. Listen to a ghost talker, enjoy a stay at a community guesthouse, and dinner with a local family.
Day 6 - Fiadanana/Ranomafana
Learn traditional rituals from the local villagers. Hike back to the bus taking in the stunning views. Continue on to Ranomafana.
Day 7 - Ranomafana/Ambalavao
Opt for an early morning forest walk to get a feel for the incredible wildlife of the area, or explore on your own. In the afternoon, enjoy a scenic journey heading south through Madagascar's wine-producing region.
Day 8 - Ambalavao/Ranohira
Stop at Anja Community Reserve, known for groups of ring-tailed lemurs. Continue on through the ever-changing landscape to Ranohira and Isalo National Park.
Day 9 - Ranohira
Spend a full day exploring Isalo National park on foot, stopping at a natural swimming pool and waterfalls.
Day 18 - Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park
Enjoy a full day exploring the peculiar rock formations of the 'Great Tsingy'.
Day 17 - Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park
Morning can adventure on the Manambolo River, with an afternoon exploring the Little Tsingy's.
Day 16 - Morondava/Bekopaka
An early start to the day to see the sunrise at the Baobab Alley. Continue to Bekopaka, our gateway to the National Park of Tsingy de Bemaraha.
Day 15 - Antananarivo/Morondava
Fly to Morondava, then relax or explore a bit, before a welcome meeting in the evening.
Day 10 - Ranohira/Ifaty
Drive through the desert landscape, viewing Mahafaly tombs and giant baobab trees en route. Continue to the beautiful Mozambican Channel beaches of Ifaty.
Day 13 - Ifaty/Antananarivo
Travel to Toliara for a flight to Antananarivo and an optional night out on the town.
Day 12 - Ifaty
Spend two full days enjoying this gorgeous area. Opt to do some hiking or hit the beach.
Day 11 - Ifaty
Spend two full days enjoying this gorgeous area. Opt to do some hiking or hit the beach.
Day 19 - Bekopaka/Morondava
A full day driving back to Morondava, stopping for sunset at the Baobab Alley.
Day 14 - Antananarivo
Enjoy a free day in Tana to explore, or relax, before heading off to Morondava.
Day 20 - Morondava
Depart at any time.