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ACRR - Ultimate China on a Shoestring - Hong Kong to Hong Kong

Ancient villages or bustling metropolises what will you see while in China? We made sure this 28-day tour included both (and then some), so you won't have to choose. Sights like the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and army of Terracotta Warriors can make China can seem intimidating. With an expert CEO leading the way, we'll wipe away those worries and leave you free to enjoy the ride. And between the panda breeding centre, bamboo rafting, beaches, historic sites, Tai Chi, and lively nightlife, it's not a ride you'll want to miss.


Your Discover Moment: Yangshuo Your Discover Moment: Beijing Your Big Night Out Moment: Private Karaoke Session, Suzhou Your Discover Moment: Shanghai
Great Wall Mutianyu Visit
Shaolin Temple Visit
Wuyishan entrance ticket
Tour of a traditional tulou
Shanghai, Xi'an, and Xiamen orientation walks
All transport between destinations and to/from included activities
Tour Provider G Adventures
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $2,639
Start Location
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
End Location
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Age Range
18 to 39
Group Size
1 to 16
Tour Style
Tour Themes
Fast and Fun
Physical Rating
Tour departure dates
01 Dec 201827 Dec 2018Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
23 Feb 201921 Mar 201912AUD $2,639
16 Mar 201911 Apr 20197AUD $3,299
06 Apr 201902 May 20196AUD $3,299
27 Apr 201923 May 201914AUD $3,819
04 May 201930 May 201913AUD $3,819
25 May 201920 Jun 201917AUD $3,559
08 Jun 201904 Jul 201912AUD $3,559
15 Jun 201911 Jul 201914AUD $3,559
29 Jun 201925 Jul 201913AUD $3,559
06 Jul 201901 Aug 201914AUD $3,559
13 Jul 201908 Aug 201914AUD $3,559
27 Jul 201922 Aug 201918AUD $3,559
03 Aug 201929 Aug 201916AUD $3,559
17 Aug 201912 Sep 201918AUD $3,559
24 Aug 201919 Sep 201918AUD $3,559
31 Aug 201926 Sep 201915AUD $3,559
21 Sep 201917 Oct 201915AUD $3,559
28 Sep 201924 Oct 201918AUD $3,819
12 Oct 201907 Nov 201918AUD $3,299
19 Oct 201914 Nov 201916AUD $3,299
02 Nov 201928 Nov 201918AUD $3,299
16 Nov 201912 Dec 201918AUD $3,299
30 Nov 201926 Dec 201918AUD $3,299
09 Feb 202006 Mar 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
23 Feb 202020 Mar 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
01 Mar 202027 Mar 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
08 Mar 202003 Apr 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
15 Mar 202010 Apr 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
29 Mar 202024 Apr 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
05 Apr 202001 May 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
12 Apr 202008 May 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
19 Apr 202015 May 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
26 Apr 202022 May 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
03 May 202029 May 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
17 May 202012 Jun 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
24 May 202019 Jun 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
31 May 202026 Jun 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
07 Jun 202003 Jul 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
14 Jun 202010 Jul 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
28 Jun 202024 Jul 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
05 Jul 202031 Jul 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
14 Jul 202009 Aug 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
19 Jul 202014 Aug 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
26 Jul 202021 Aug 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
02 Aug 202028 Aug 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
09 Aug 202004 Sep 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
16 Aug 202011 Sep 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
23 Aug 202018 Sep 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
30 Aug 202025 Sep 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
06 Sep 202002 Oct 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
13 Sep 202009 Oct 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
27 Sep 202023 Oct 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
04 Oct 202030 Oct 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
11 Oct 202006 Nov 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
25 Oct 202020 Nov 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
01 Nov 202027 Nov 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
08 Nov 202004 Dec 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
10 Nov 202006 Dec 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
22 Nov 202018 Dec 2020Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
13 Dec 202008 Jan 2021Fully BookedAUD $2,639 
Day 1 - Hong Kong
Arrive at any time.
Day 2 - Hong Kong/Yangshuo
Cross the border to Shenzhen and board a train to Guilin before transferring to scenic Yangshuo.
Day 3 - Yangshuo
Enjoy free time in Yangshuo. Opt for a tai chi lesson, cooking class, or cycling tour of the area.
Day 4 - Yangshuo
Continue to explore beautiful Yangshuo with a free day.
Day 5 - Yangshuo/Chengdu
Transfer to Liuzhou and board an overnight train to Chengdu.
Day 6 - Chengdu
Enjoy a free day to explore Chengdu, known for its spicy local food and the Giant Panda Breeding Centre.
Day 7 - Chengdu
Opt for a day trip to Leshan to see the giant Buddha or continue exploring the vibrant city of Chengdu.
Day 8 - Chengdu/Luoyang
Opt to see the famous pandas up close at the Giant Panda Breeding Center before boarding an overnight train to Luoyang.
Day 9 - Shaolin
Transfer to the holy mountain of Song Shan and visit the Shaolin Temple, the home of Kung Fu. Spend the night in a local guesthouse.
Day 22 - Wuyishan/Xiamen
Board a fast train to Xiamen. Enjoy an orientation walk around colonial Xiamen on the coast, then opt to visit the caf s and beaches of Gulangyu Island and check out the night markets. Be sure to indulge in the lively nightlife of this university town.
Day 23 - Xiamen
Free day to explore.
Day 24 - Xiamen/Hongkeng Village
Transfer to a Yongding County. Overnight in a Hakka tulou, a large, multi-storey fortified roundhouse built for communal living. Enjoy an orientation tour around the village, then experience day-to-day life in this unique province full of history and traditional Chinese culture.
Day 25 - Hongkeng Village
Experience day to day life in this unique province full of history and traditional Chinese culture. Opt to visit more Tulou villages in the scenic mountain area or enjoy some free time in the guesthouse.
Day 10 - Song Shan
Enjoy free day to explore the area around Mount Song.
Day 12 - Beijing
Enjoy free time in China's booming capital city.
Day 11 - Song Shan/Beijing
Transfer to Luoyang and opt to visit the Longmen Grotts before boarding an overnight train to Beijing.
Day 21 - Wuyishan
Explore the area with an included entrance ticket to the reserve. Go hiking and opt to go bamboo rafting.
Day 13 - Beijing
Step back in time with a visit to the Great Wall. Opt to check out the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.
Day 20 - Shanghai/Wuyishan
Enjoy free time or join the CEO for a walk through the Bund, Old Shanghai, People's Park, and more. Board a bullet train to Wuyishan in the Fujian province.
Day 14 - Beijing/Xi'an
Enjoy free time in Beijing before an overnight train to Xi'an.
Day 18 - Suzhou/Shanghai
See the city on an orientation walk, then enjoy free time to explore this metropolis on your own.
Day 17 - Suzhou
Visit Suzhou, the "Venice of the East." Opt to explore the Master of the Nets Garden, one of China's most exquisite gardens. In the evening, let loose like the locals with a karaoke session in a private room for the group; this is sure to be a memorable night!
Day 16 - Xi'an/Suzhou
Enjoy free time to explore Xi'an, then take an overnight train to Suzhou.
Day 15 - Xi'an
Enjoy an orientation walk through the Muslim Quarter, then opt to visit the Terracotta Warriors, cycle the ancient city walls, or practice tai chi with the locals.
Day 26 - Hongkeng Village/Shenzhen
Travel to Longyan in the morning and continue on a fast train to Shenzhen.
Day 19 - Shanghai
Enjoy free time in this bustling city.
Day 27 - Shenzhen/Hong Kong
Cross the border into Hong Kong. Tour ends upon arrival at train station at approximately 11:00 am.