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GKMB - The Genghis Khan

Want to do it all but short on time? With this journey, you khan. Discover Moscow's lively nightlife and ice-cream cone domes dripping in history. Chat to passionate locals as you meander through the Ural Mountains and dense forests of Siberia. Stay in a traditional ger camp in the Mongolian wilderness. Then, just as you settle into nomadic life, thrust toward Beijing and delight your senses down cobbled laneways spewing exotic flavours, smells and sounds.


Group size
Accommodation nights
Tickets and transfers
Tour Provider Vodkatrain
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $2,580
Start Location
Moscow, Russia
End Location
Beijing, Russia
Age Range
Avg. 40+
Group Size
1 to 15
Tour Style
Tour Themes
18-39, Adventure
Physical Rating
Moderate to Challenging
Tour departure dates
03 Mar 201916 Mar 2019availableAUD $2,580
21 Apr 201904 May 2019availableAUD $2,640
05 May 201918 May 2019availableAUD $2,640
09 Jun 201922 Jun 2019availableAUD $2,640
07 Jul 201920 Jul 2019availableAUD $2,720
21 Jul 201903 Aug 2019availableAUD $2,720
18 Aug 201931 Aug 2019availableAUD $2,850
15 Sep 201928 Sep 2019availableAUD $2,850
13 Oct 201926 Oct 2019availableAUD $2,720
01 Mar 202014 Mar 2020availableAUD $2,850
19 Apr 202002 May 2020availableAUD $2,850
03 May 202016 May 2020availableAUD $2,850
07 Jun 202020 Jun 2020availableAUD $2,850
05 Jul 202018 Jul 2020availableAUD $2,850
19 Jul 202001 Aug 2020availableAUD $2,850
16 Aug 202029 Aug 2020availableAUD $2,850
13 Sep 202026 Sep 2020availableAUD $2,850
11 Oct 202024 Oct 2020availableAUD $2,850
Days 1 - 2: Moscow
Arrive in Moscow and meet your fellow travellers. Explore Russia's fascinating capital and take in the patchwork of Soviet, Imperial and modern architecture. Visit Red Square and marvel at the iconic sights of St. Basils Cathedral and the Kremlin. Hop on the beautiful metro (yes, apparently public transport can be a work of art) to the many sights within this vibrant city of 10 million. Wander in art galleries and parklands, then party like a local with a synonymous serving of vodka and pickles. Try some local fare such as Borsch before hitting a lively venue for late night shenanigans. Whatever you're into, live music, sweaty underground dance parties, luxury cocktails with a view, or something altogether more casual, you'll find it in Russia's capital.
Days 3 - 7: Trans Siberian Railway: Moscow to Ulaanbaatar
Climb aboard the Trans Siberian Railway and listen for the whistle that marks the start of your journey into the lands of Genghis Khan. Settle into life on board as you watch the stunning scenery transform outside your window. Get to know your group and experiment with new language skills on unsuspecting locals; with a little inventive sign language, you'll all be laughing in no time. The train will make minor stops along the way, ask how long it's staying before you hop off and devour homecooked delights from babushkas along the platform.
Day 8: Ulaanbaatar and to Khakhorin
As we visit the ground where Genghis Khan was chosen as the next great leader, you could walk in his actual footsteps. One of the biggest drawcards to the region is the earliest surviving Buddhist Monastery in Mongolia. Erdene Zuu was constructed in 1585 after a meeting with the 3rd Dalai Lama, beginning a declaration of Tibetan Buddhism as the state religion. Between Mongol wars and Soviet purges, it's a shadow of its former self, yet still an impressive sight. Enjoy a night in a ger camp, and learn how to build one yourself. Mongols are a roving race and may move their homes up to four times a year, in search of greener pastures for their animals. With a collection of wood, felt and tarp, you'll have it up in no time.
Days 9-10: Bayangobi
Already feeling like true nomads you will have another couple of nights in a ger as we travel out to the Gobi Desert. Settle into your ger camp and enjoy the twinkling canopy of stars. Surrounded by mountains, rivers and grasslands, keep your eyes peeled for foxes, deer, wolves and eagles as you hike part of the Mongol Els, an 80km stretch of colossal dunes. Ask your Honcho about hiring a few camels to go further afield.
Day 11: Ulaanbaatar
Heading back to the city, you have a final night to explore Mongolia before rolling on to China. Back in town, get into the spirit of things with a feast of local cuisine and a tasty brew, like Crazy Shaman IPA at Hop & Rocks Brewery Mongolia's first ever producer of craft beer. Night owls will find plenty to keep them up; from live music venues, beer gardens and chill bars, to pulsing clubs and luxury lounges.
Day 12: Trans Mongolian Railway
Back on board, this time on the Trans Mongolian line. Glide across the green grasslands and pass the golden Gobi before launching into China. Use your time to learn a few words of Chinese and plan what you'd like to see and eat in Beijing. There are eight national cuisines to try, so that should keep you busy when you're not exploring Imperial Palaces or strolling along the great wall.
Days 13 - 14: Beijing
Welcome to China and congratulations. You've just travelled 7,865 km and experienced three diverse countries. Let's celebrate with a visit to one of the many snack markets. Fried scorpion on a stick anyone? Jump on a bicycle or rickshaw and explore the sheer scale of the city. Get acquainted with the ancient philosophical culture and discover the patchwork of Imperial opulence and modern life with a visit to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Head for the hills and enjoy a stroll at the most peaceful part of the Great Wall at Huanghaucheng. Note: Upon your arrival in Beijing, please meet your Honcho outside the first ticket-checking point, not on the platform. Extend your experience: Shack up in Shanghai for a couple of nights, see the iconic skyline sprouting from the water's edge then enter the labyrinth of colour and culture.