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Red Star Special 2019 (37 Days, Berlin to Berlin)

Welcome aboard the Red Star Special, where classic European cities meet stunning natural landscapes. From Berlin to Copenhagen, the Arctic Circle (aka the Land of the Midnight Sun) to Moscow and St Petersburg to the Baltics, this trip ticks off loads of the hotspots. A once-in-a-lifetime trip that will give you bragging rights for years, this is the one to beat. Are you ready for this?


Driving tour of Berlin
Walking tour of Riga
Walking tour of Tallinn
Walking tour of Oslo
Driving tour of Copenhagen
Drive the famous Troll's Path Crossing
Walking tour of Vilnius
Driving tour of Warsaw
Driving tour of Helsinki
Walking tour of Stockholm
Visit The State Hermitage Museum
Cruise the majestic Geirangerfjord
Visit the Arctic Circle
Driving tour of Moscow
Walking tour of Novgorod with a local guide
Guided tour of the Moscow Kremlin
Visit the the Hill of Crosses
Visit Trondheim and the town of Hell
Visit Lenin’s tomb
Do a 'polar plunge' in an Arctic river
Visit Santa's Village
Guided tour of Moscow’s Metro
Driving tour of St Petersburg with a local guide
Visit the Ringebu Stave Church
36 Breakfasts
36 Lunches
36 Dinners
Tour Provider Topdeck
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $6,605
Start Location
Berlin, Germany
End Location
Berlin, Germany
Age Range
18 to 39
Group Size
1 to 48
Tour Style
Tour Themes
18-39, Polar
Physical Rating
Tour departure dates
12 May 201917 Jun 2019Fully BookedAUD $6,959 
19 May 201924 Jun 201913AUD $6,605
26 May 201901 Jul 2019Fully BookedAUD $7,339 
02 Jun 201908 Jul 20196AUD $7,339
09 Jun 201915 Jul 2019Fully BookedAUD $7,339 
16 Jun 201922 Jul 201910AUD $7,729
23 Jun 201929 Jul 2019Fully BookedAUD $7,729 
30 Jun 201905 Aug 201912AUD $6,956
07 Jul 201912 Aug 2019Fully BookedAUD $7,729 
14 Jul 201919 Aug 201912AUD $7,729
21 Jul 201926 Aug 2019Fully BookedAUD $7,729 
28 Jul 201902 Sep 201915AUD $7,729
04 Aug 201909 Sep 2019Fully BookedAUD $7,729 
11 Aug 201916 Sep 201911AUD $6,956
18 Aug 201923 Sep 2019Fully BookedAUD $7,339 
25 Aug 201930 Sep 2019Fully BookedAUD $7,339 
Day 1: Berlin, Germany
With more museums than rainy days and some of the best DJs on the continent, the only thing you'll miss out on in Berlin is sleep – but there's plenty of time for that later. Drop your bags and get the trip admin sorted at the hostel before getting to know your new trip pals over dinner. Meals: -Dinner
Day 2: Berlin
We'll drive you around to see (what's left of) the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building. Afterwards, why not step out on an optional Third Reich walking tour for a local insight into what the city was like under Nazi rule during World War II? Tonight: explore the city after dark on an optional alternative street art and nightlife tour. Meals: -Breakfast Optional activities: -Third Reich walking tour -Street art and nightlife tour
Day 3: Berlin to Copenhagen, Denmark
On to Copenhagen to find out why this city keeps popping up among the top five most liveable cities in the world. Get your bearings on a guided driving tour and discover why Copenhagen is home to half of the nation's population. Included today: -Driving tour of Copenhagen Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 4: Copenhagen
Today you have the chance to explore the city in true local fashion: on a bike. Romantic streak? Check out The Little Mermaid, a tribute to the fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen's pre-Disney masterpiece. Spoiler alert: the original version has the lovestruck mermaid become foam on the sea after she fails to win the prince's affections. Even back then, it seems, #thestrugglewasreal. Meals: -Breakfast
Day 5: Copenhagen to Stockholm, Sweden
You know it for the IKEA hotdogs and meatballs (plus ridiculously good-looking people), but Sweden’s capital also punches way above its weight in design, fashion and some multicultural vibes you wouldn’t expect this close to the Arctic Circle. Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 6: Stockholm
Today we've cleared your schedule, so you can wander the city to your heart's content. Take an optional guided tour of Stockholm City Hall (the famous Nobel Prize banquet venue), or spend the day strolling through one of Stockholm’s many museums. Wanna take in some views? Then gaze at the greenery of Djurgården or let a hop-on-hop-off boat transport you around the city’s 14 islands. Included today: -Walking tour of Stockholm Meals: -Breakfast Optional activities: -Guided tour of Stockholm City Hall
Day 7: Stockholm
The day is yours to do as you please. Need some suggestions? Well, you could always pay an optional visit to the Vasa Museum or watch the changing of the guards at the Royal Palace and drink copious amounts of quality coffee. Note: Swedes treat caffeine the way they do their style: very seriously. Meals: -Breakfast Optional activities: -Visit the Vasa Museum
Day 8: Stockholm to Oslo, Norway
From the cosmopolitan city vibes of Stockholm to a more laid-back experience in Oslo. Check out endless stretches of Christmas trees and pretty lakes as you settle in for a day of nature-filled sights on the way to Norway’s capital. By the afternoon, you’ll be all gawped out and more than ready for dinner in the land of the midnight sun. Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 33: Riga to Vilnius, Lithuania
Today we set our sights on the capital of Lithuania. Vilnius is home to Europe's largest baroque Old Town and the world's only statue of Frank Zappa (we know – the connection escapes us, too). Today’s walking tour covers the Town Hall, Gediminas Tower and Vilnius Cathedral. As you make your way around, keep an eye out for the Gate of Dawn and St Anne's Church. Tonight: let your feet carry you to a local spot for dinner. Included today: -Visit the Hill of Crosses -Walking tour of Vilnius Meals: -Breakfast
Day 32: Riga
You’ve got a free day today, so take the chance to explore Riga’s wooden buildings and medieval Old Town. Set on the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the River Daugava, Riga offers a wide range of water activities, from canal boat tours to swimming at the beach. Tonight, hit up the town’s cellar bars. Meals: -Breakfast
Day 31: Velikiye Luki to Riga, Latvia
Cross the border into Latvia. Riga's up next – another World Heritage star in an already studded Baltic lineup. Late medieval sights and lots of art nouveau await on today's guided walking tour. Key highlights: Power Tower, the Freedom Monument and Riga Cathedral. Oh, and the impressive House of Blackheads building – but more on that later. Included today: -Walking tour of Riga Meals: -Breakfast -Dinner
Day 30: Moscow to Velikiye Luki
Today it’s out of Moscow and into Velikiye Luki, where we’ll stay overnight. This town is also known as ‘Small Stalingrad'. Meals: -Breakfast -Dinner
Day 9: Oslo
There’s just enough time to wake up and take a stroll through Gustav Vigeland's bizarre and eccentric sculpture park this morning. Then: an optional visit to the Viking Ship Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum and Fram Polar Ship. Take the rest of the day off to soak up Oslo’s funky 60s vibe. Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch Optional activities: -Visit The Viking Ship Museum -Visit The Kon-Tiki Museum -Visit The Fram Polar Ship Museum
Day 11: Åndalsnes
Grab yourself a window seat as we wind our way around some of Europe’s most scenic roads en route to the famous Trolls’ Path Crossing. Sit back and drink in the sheer scale of the breathtaking fjords – long recognised as some of the world’s greatest natural attractions. Later, we’ll get up close and personal with the impossibly beautiful Geirangerfjord on a sightseeing cruise. One word: wow. Included today: -Drive the famous Trolls’ Path Crossing -Cruise the majestic Geirangerfjord Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 10: Oslo to Åndalsnes, via Lillehammer
On to Lillehammer, home of the 1994 Winter Olympics. Do an optional run down the bobsled track before we move on to Åndalsnes for a full day on the Geiranger Fjord. To call the scenery epic would be an understatement (check out Google Images for proof). Also today: a visit to the distinctive Ringebu Stave Church. Included today: -Visit the Ringebu Stave Church Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner Optional Activities: -Ride the Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh
Day 34: Vilnius to Warsaw, Poland
On today’s driving tour, you’ll find that modern day Warsaw is a far cry from its war-torn past. Home of Frederic Chopin and Maria Sklodowska-Curie, the city has loads on offer when it comes to history and culture. Its nightlife dsn’t disappoint either. Included today: -Driving or walking tour of Warsaw (time dependent) Meals: -Breakfast -Dinner
Day 12: Åndalsnes to Steinkjer, via Trondheim/Hell
Today we chase the sun to Trondheim, the religious capital of Norway. Repent your sins – the next stop is Hell. Yes, really (only this one is usually frozen over). Temperatures can dip down as low as -25°C. After snapping up some photographic proof of our visit, we're off to Steinkjer for the night. Included today: -Visit Trondheim and the town of Hell Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 35: Warsaw
Today, Warsaw is all yours. From the Warsaw Rising Museum to the Neon Museum housing Poland’s collection of Cold War era neon signs, this city is sure to keep you busy. Why not stroll along the newly-refurbished river bank or get some great views of the city from the top of the Palace of Science and Culture? Don’t leave the city tomorrow without trying some of Poland’s best food including those stuffed parcels of deliciousness called pierogi. Cottage cheese and onion pierogi may sound unusual, but trust us, they don’t have our seal of approval for nothing. Meals: -Breakfast
Day 13: Steinkjer to Bjerka
Today we embark on a coastal drive to Bjerka, an inland village surrounded by mountains. Look forward to some peace and quiet – not to mention more greenery than you can poke a pine tree at. Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 17: Olderfjord
Fuel up with a late breakfast. Then: a hike through the rugged countryside. After an included dinner with the crew, you’ll go to bed counting reindeer and dreaming of fjords. Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 16: Skibotn to Olderfjord
Onwards and upwards, we're heading north for the last time to witness the height of the midnight sun (so named as it dsn’t set between May and June). If you’re lucky with the weather, you can expect to see nature at its absolute best. Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner Optional activities: -Midnight sun Nordkapp experience (weather dependent)
Day 15: Tysfjord to Skibotn
Today, we’re headed for Skibotn – where polar ice baths and wood-fired saunas await your arrival (lifelong bragging rights are awarded to those who take the plunge). Included today: -Warm up in a wood-fired sauna -Do a 'polar plunge' in an Arctic river Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 14: Bjerka to Tysfjord, via Svartisen Glacier
On to Tysfjord for the night to experience the narrowest point in Norway. Look forward to the chance to check out Svartisen, Norway’s second largest glacier. Covering a full 370 square kilometres and at just 20 m above sea level, it’s the lowest glacier in mainland Europe – making it easily accessible for hikes and nature-based experiences. Top tip: wear your comfy shs. Included today: -Visit the Arctic Circle Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner Optional activity: -Visit Svartisen (weather dependent)
Day 29: Moscow
Down we go for a guided tour of the not-so-mundane Moscow Metro. If you’re picturing the Piccadilly or Central Line in London, think again. Not even close! We’re talking chandelier-lined stations, each one more decadent than the last. Next: visit Lenin's tomb. Keep the history lesson going with an optional guided tour of the Kremlin Armoury. Included today: -Guided tour of Moscow's Metro -Visit to Lenin’s tomb Meals: -Breakfast Optional activity: -Guided tour of the Kremlin Armoury
Day 18: Olderfjord to Rovaniemi, Finland
Cross back over the Arctic Circle and practise your best ‘Jingle Bells’ as we make our way to Rovaniemi for a trip to Santa’s Village. Excitement level: 100/10. Keep your eyes peeled for Santa’s reindeer from your window seat. Included today: -Visit Santa's Village Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 28: Moscow
Swing by the greats on today's driving tour, including Moscow University, Red Square and St Basil's Cathedral (aka the capital's technicolor sandcastle). Explore the Kremlin with our local guide before setting off to roam the streets. Tonight: get fancy with an optional evening at the Russian ballet. Clink that champagne and get those binoculars at the ready. Included today: -Driving tour of Moscow with a local guide -Guided tour of the Kremlin Meals: -Breakfast Optional activities: -Tickets to a famous Russian ballet
Day 19: Rovaniemi to Jyvaskyla
Next up: the university town of Jyväskylä. This Finnish city boasts a party scene to rival some of the best, so this is your chance to let your hair down and rub shoulders with the locals. Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 26: St. Petersburg to Novgorod
Through the Russian countryside to the World Heritage-listed city Novgorod. Try: Medovukha, the Russian version of mead. Included today: -Walking tour of Novgorod with a local guide Meals: -Breakfast -Dinner
Day 25: St. Petersburg
Dig into breakfast, then we’re off on a guided tour of the Hermitage Museum. This place spans six palatial buildings, including the epic Winter Palace. Ah-maze! You won’t want to miss this. Next: (window) shopping your way down Nevsky Prospect, the capital's main street. Included today: -Visit the State Hermitage Museum Meals: -Breakfast
Day 24: St. Petersburg
Today: a St Petersburg driving tour with a super knowledgeable local guide. Learn all the juicy insider info as you check out oh-so-many bucket list items. Anything called the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood has got to be worth a look (and it really is). You won't be bored in St Petersburg, for sure. Included today: Driving tour of St Petersburg with a local guide Meals: -Breakfast
Day 23: Tallinn to St. Petersburg, Russia
Cross the border to Russia for a tour of the country’s former capital. Later, scoff some blini and caviar (yes, caviar) – and wash it down with a shot of vodka, if you wish. When in Rome... Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 22: Tallinn
It’s all about whatever tickles your fancy today. See the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral or check out the KGB museum for a history lesson on the antics of the Soviet Union’s former security agency. Pro tip: Old Town is where you'll get the best kind of Estonian #throwback vibes. Meals: -Breakfast
Day 21: Helsinki to Tallinn, Estonia
More fairytale magic as we hop across to Tallinn with its old city walls and medieval buildings. A walking tour will show you the highlights before we hand you over to the city. Included today: -Walking tour of Tallinn Meals: -Breakfast -Dinner
Day 20: Jyvaskyla to Helsinki
A short trip south to the quirky Finnish capital, Helsinki. Kick back and let us show you the highlights of this funky town on a driving tour. Think: art-nouveau buildings and oh-so-fancy cafés. Included today: -Driving tour of Helsinki Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch
Day 36: Warsaw to Berlin, Germany
Return to the scene of the crime, #Topdeckers: we're heading back to Berlin. Tonight: reminisce over a group dinner. Meals: -Breakfast -Dinner
Day 27: Novgorod to Moscow
Roll into Moscow today, where the city is alive in rain, hail or shine. Believe it or not, Moscow sparkles – so be prepared for an incredible few days ahead. As you move through the city, spot the tangible reminders of Russia’s involvement in modern history. Meals: -Breakfast -Dinner
Day 37: Berlin
Time for a few sad farewells: we’re outta here after breakfast. Swap numbers and plan that next adventure together. Meals: -Breakfast