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Northern Exposure 2018 (22 Days, Berlin to Tallinn)

Don't just take our word for it, come and see for yourself what a Scandinavia travel experience has to offer! Beginning amid the bustle of modern Berlin, we'll take you north through the jaw-dropping landscapes of fjords, glaciers, forests, lakes and mountains of Scandinavia, travel to the cultural hearts of Denmark, Sweden and Norway and then carry on all the way up to the Arctic Circle. On the way down we'll encounter the fascinating culture of Finland and energy of Estonia on what we believe to be the Scandinavia travel experience of a lifetime!


Welcome dinner in Berlin
Driving tour of Berlin
Geiranger Fjord cruise
Driving tour of Oslo
Driving tour of Copenhagen
Visit Santa's workshop in Rovaniemi, Finland
Polar plunge & wood fired sauna in Skibotn
Walking tour of Stockholm
Cross the Arctic Circle
21 Breakfasts
21 Lunches
21 Dinners
Tour Provider Topdeck
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $3,581
Start Location
Berlin, Germany
End Location
Berlin, Germany
Age Range
Avg. 39+
Group Size
1 to 48
Tour Style
Tour Themes
Physical Rating
Tour departure dates
06 May 201827 May 20189AUD $3,581
13 May 201803 Jun 201814AUD $3,581
20 May 201810 Jun 201811AUD $3,761
27 May 201817 Jun 201813AUD $3,761
03 Jun 201824 Jun 201815AUD $3,761
10 Jun 201801 Jul 201815AUD $3,761
17 Jun 201808 Jul 201813AUD $3,941
24 Jun 201815 Jul 201814AUD $3,941
01 Jul 201822 Jul 201815AUD $3,941
08 Jul 201829 Jul 201814AUD $3,941
15 Jul 201805 Aug 201814AUD $3,941
22 Jul 201812 Aug 201814AUD $3,941
29 Jul 201819 Aug 201813AUD $3,941
05 Aug 201826 Aug 201813AUD $3,941
12 Aug 201802 Sep 201814AUD $3,941
19 Aug 201809 Sep 201810AUD $3,761
26 Aug 201816 Sep 201814AUD $3,761
Day 1: Berlin, Germany
With more museums than rainy days and some of the best DJs on the continent, the only thing you'll miss out on in Berlin is sleep – but there's plenty of time for that later. Drop your bags and get the trip admin sorted at the hostel, before getting to know your new trip pals over dinner. Meals: -Dinner
Day 2: Berlin
Epic nightlife + major historical sights = Berlin. Join the optional Third Reich walking tour for in-depth local insight into what the city was like under Nazi rule during World War II. Also: Kreuzberg is a hit for lunch and you can't go wrong with a picnic at the historic Tempelhof airport turned public park. Tonight. hit the hotspots on an optional tour. Included today: -Driving tour of Berlin Meals: -Breakfast Optional activities: -Third Reich walking tour -Berlin Alternative Tour & Nightlife Tour
Day 3: Berlin to Copenhagen, Denmark
On to Copenhagen to find out why this city keeps popping up among the top five most liveable cities in the world. FYI: the UN calls Copenhagen the happiest city on earth. Included today: -Driving tour of Copenhagen Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 4: Copenhagen
Free day – yay! Home of more Nordic coolness than you can poke a hipster’s beard at, Copenhagen is sure to impress. If you think you’ve eaten it all, nuh-uh! Not even close. Uncover the food market gems scattered across the city and satisfy your inner gastronome. Try the food markets on Paper Island for a luxe ‘warehouse vibe’ experience. Meals: -Breakfast
Day 5: Copenhagen to Stockholm, Sweden
You know it for the IKEA hotdogs and meatballs (plus ridiculously good-looking people), but Sweden’s capital also punches way above its weight in design, fashion and some multicultural vibes you wouldn’t expect this close to the Arctic Circle. Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 6: Stockholm
Curiosity is in the driver's seat. We've cleared your schedule to wander the city to your heart's content. Stroll through one of Stockholm’s many museums or enjoy the greenery of Djurgården islet, letting the hop-on-hop-off boat transport you around the city’s 14 islands. Included today: -Walking tour of Stockholm Meals: -Breakfast Optional activities: -Guided tour of Stockholm City Hall – venue of the Nobel Prize banquet
Day 7: Stockholm
The day is yours to meander through medieval Gamla Stan or visit the City Hall. Watch the changing of the guards at the Royal Palace and drink copious amounts of quality coffee (because Swedes treat caffeine the way they do their style: very seriously). Meals: -Breakfast Optional activities: -Visit to the Vasa Museum
Day 8: Stockholm to Oslo, Norway
From the cosmopolitan city vibes of Stockholm to a more laid-back experience in Oslo. Cue Christmas trees and pretty lakes as you settle in for a day of nature-filled sights on the way to Norway’s capital. By afternoon, you’ll be all gawked out and ready to hit our campsite for dinner in the land of the midnight sun. Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 9: Oslo
Wake up amidst Gustav Vigeland's bizarre and eccentric creations on a stroll through his sculpture park this morning before a comprehensive driving tour and an optional visit to the seafaring themed Viking Ship Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum and Fram Polar Ship. Take the rest of the day off to soak up the funky 60s vibe of the rich capital. Included today: -Driving tour of Olso Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch Optional activities: -Visit The Viking Ship Museum -Visit The Kon-Tiki Museum -Visit The Fram Polar Ship Museum
Day 10: Oslo to ndalsnes, via Lillehammer
On to Lillehammer, home of the 1994 Winter Olympics. Do a run down the bobsled track (optional) before we move on to Andalsnes for a full day on the Geiranger Fjord. To call the scenery epic would be an understatement (Google Images for proof). Included today: -Visit the Ringebu Stave Church Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner Optional Activities: -Ride the Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh
Day 20: Jyvaskyla to Helsinki
A short trip south to the quirky Finnish capital, Helsinki. Kick back and let us show you the highlights of this funky town. Picture art-nouveau buildings and oh-so-fancy cafes. Included today: -Driving tour of Helsinki Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch
Day 19: Rovaniemi to Jyvaskyla
Next up: the university town of Jyvaskyla. Unsurprisingly, this Finnish city boasts a party scene to rival some of the best, so this is your chance to let your hair down and get amongst the locals. Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 18: Olderfjord to Rovaniemi, Finland
Cross back over the Arctic Circle and practise your best ‘Jingle Bells’ as we make our way to Rovaniemi, the home of Santa Claus. Hot tip: keep your eyes peeled for Santa’s reindeers from your window seat. Included today: -Experience the festivities at Santa's Village Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 17: Olderfjord
Fuel up with a late breakfast. Then: a hike through the rugged countryside. This evening, you'll have the option to witness nature's sight for sore eyes atop the towering cliffs of Nordkapp, Europe's most accessible northern point. Go to bed counting reindeer and dreaming of fjords. Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 16: Skibotn to Olderfjord
Onwards and upwards, we're heading north for the last time to witness the height of the midnight sun (so named for not setting between May and June). If you’re lucky with the weather, expect nature at its absolute best. Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner Optional activities: -Visit the Alta Museum -Midnight sun Nordkapp experience (weather dependent)
Day 11: ndalsnes
Take a window seat and squeeze through the fjords, long recognised as one of the world’s greatest natural attractions. Take in the sheer scale of these breathtaking beauties and wind your way around some of Europe’s most scenic roads. Included today: -Drive the famous Troll's Path Crossing -Cruise the majestic Geirangerfjord Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 14: Bjerka to Tysfjord, via Svartisen Glacier
On to Tysfjord for the night to experience the narrowest point in Norway. Look forward to the chance to check out Svartisen—Norway’s second largest glacier. Covering a full 370 km² and at just 20 m above sea level, it’s the lowest glacier in mainland Europe, making it easily accessible for hikes and nature-based experiences. Hint: wear your comfy shs. Included today: -Visit the Arctic Circle Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner Optional activity: -Visit Svartisen – Norway's second largest glacier (weather dependent)
Day 13: Steinkjer to Bjerka
Today we embark on a coastal drive to Bjerka, an inland village surrounded by mountains. Look forward to some peace and quiet, plus more greenery than you can poke a pine tree at. Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 12: ndalsnes to Steinkjer, via Trondheim/Hell
Chase the sun to Trondheim, the religious capital of Norway. Repent your sins – next stop is Hell. Yes, really (only this one is usually frozen over). Temperatures can dip down to -25°C #brrr. After snapping up some photographic proof, we're off to Steinkjer for the night. Included today: -Visit Trondheim & the amusingly-named town of Hell Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 21: Helsinki to Tallinn, Estonia
More fairytale magic as we hop across to Tallinn with its old city walls and medieval buildings. A walking tour will show you the highlights before we hand you over to the city. Included today: -Walking tour of Tallinn Meals: -Breakfast -Dinner
Day 15: Tysfjord to Skibotn
Today, we’re headed for Skibotn – where polar ice baths and wood-fired saunas await your arrival (lifelong bragging rights are awarded to those who take the plunge). Included today: -Warm up in a wood-fired sauna -Brave the 'polar plunge' – a swim in an arctic river! Meals: -Breakfast -Lunch -Dinner
Day 22: Tallinn
Before you go, make sure you check out the Old Town for the best kind of Estonian #throwback vibes. After breakfast, you’re on your own. Say goodbye and plan that next adventure. Meals: -Breakfast