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Murray River Walk

Enjoy four days walking through ancient red gum forests and spectacular floodplain wetlands with guided cruises on meandering creeks and the Murray River.Experience nature and learn the stories of the Riverland Wetland of International Importance while be ing greeted at the completion of your day with a refreshing beverage at the campfire.Each night you can relax and recharge with a foot dip in the river, a hot shower and a top deck spa before you dine on 3 courses of superb Riverland cuisine from a menu designed exclusively for us by a renowned native food chef. Savour local brews, Riverland wine and Riverland roasted coffee while surrounding yourself if the breathtaking wilderness of the Murray River both by foot and by houseboat.


3 nights accommodation aboard exclusive houseboat
4 days fully guided walking
All meals and drinks as listed
34L day pack
Use of 1L water bottle for trip duration
Walking poles
Small thermos
group first aid kit
emergency communication satellite phone
Murray River Walk is a trip of the Great Walks of Australia
Explore Australia's greatest river, The Murray
Encounter diverse wildlife and waterbirds along the river
Discover a rich river heritage
Cruise the river on modern houseboat, taking you to your daily walking destination
Climb the Headings cliffs for a magnificent sunrise over the Murray River
Tour Provider World Expeditions
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $2,500
Start Location
Renmark, Australia
End Location
Age Range
Avg. 30+
Group Size
4 to 10
Tour Style
Tour Themes
Small Marine/Cruise
Physical Rating
Easy to Moderate
Tour departure dates
12 Aug 201915 Aug 2019AvailableAUD $2,500
13 Aug 201916 Aug 2019AvailableAUD $2,500
19 Aug 201922 Aug 2019AvailableAUD $2,500
20 Aug 201923 Aug 2019AvailableAUD $2,500
26 Aug 201929 Aug 2019AvailableAUD $2,500
27 Aug 201930 Aug 2019AvailableAUD $2,500
02 Sep 201905 Sep 2019AvailableAUD $2,500
03 Sep 201906 Sep 2019AvailableAUD $2,500
09 Sep 201912 Sep 2019AvailableAUD $2,500
10 Sep 201913 Sep 2019AvailableAUD $2,500
16 Sep 201919 Sep 2019AvailableAUD $2,500
17 Sep 201920 Sep 2019AvailableAUD $2,500
23 Sep 201926 Sep 2019AvailableAUD $2,500
24 Sep 201927 Sep 2019AvailableAUD $2,500
04 May 202007 May 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
05 May 202008 May 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
11 May 202014 May 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
12 May 202015 May 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
18 May 202021 May 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
19 May 202022 May 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
25 May 202028 May 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
26 May 202029 May 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
01 Jun 202004 Jun 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
02 Jun 202005 Jun 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
08 Jun 202011 Jun 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
09 Jun 202012 Jun 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
15 Jun 202018 Jun 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
16 Jun 202019 Jun 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
22 Jun 202025 Jun 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
23 Jun 202026 Jun 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
29 Jun 202002 Jul 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
30 Jun 202003 Jul 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
06 Jul 202009 Jul 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
07 Jul 202010 Jul 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
20 Jul 202023 Jul 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
21 Jul 202024 Jul 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
27 Jul 202030 Jul 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
28 Jul 202031 Jul 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
03 Aug 202006 Aug 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
04 Aug 202007 Aug 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
10 Aug 202013 Aug 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
11 Aug 202014 Aug 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
17 Aug 202020 Aug 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
18 Aug 202021 Aug 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
24 Aug 202027 Aug 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
25 Aug 202028 Aug 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
31 Aug 202003 Sep 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
01 Sep 202004 Sep 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
07 Sep 202010 Sep 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
08 Sep 202011 Sep 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
14 Sep 202017 Sep 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
15 Sep 202018 Sep 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
21 Sep 202024 Sep 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
22 Sep 202025 Sep 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
28 Sep 202001 Oct 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
29 Sep 202002 Oct 2020AvailableAUD $2,500
Day 1
You will meet your guides at the Renmark Community Hotel 7.30am, where you will start your journey. Please ensure you have breakfast before departing your accommodation. Make your lunches and board the "cruiser" for a 14km creek cruise to the start of the walk. Our destination today is spectacular Headings Cliffs on the Murray River where your houseboat accommodation is moored. Discover the old horsesh lagoons that are havens for waterbirds and learn about the site of the World War II internment camp during lunch on the riverbank. Cross the little creeks that feed the red gum forests and box woodlands and gently climb the sandy cliffs covered in native pine and native lilies, rising to a magnificent view of the vast Murray River floodplain. A short transfer across the river in the cruiser and you have arrived at your destination. Distance - 10km cruising and 12km walking.
Day 2
Our destination is opposite the historic Chowilla Station Shearing Shed. Arise before the sun and walk a gentle slope to the rim of the Murray River valley for a spectacular sunrise over the valley. Marvel at the geological layers in the cliffs formed by wind, ocean, freshwater lakes and the river. Return to the houseboat for breakfast, then load your packs and depart for a wonderful day discovering Aboriginal can trees, dense red gum forests and small islands along the leafy Amazon Creek. Kangaroos and emus will interrupt you along the way as you finish in an old growth Box Forest where you’ll forage some saltbush leaves to flavour tomorrow’s breakfast. Cruise to your evening destination opposite Chowilla shearing shed. Distance - 10km cruising, 14km walking.
Day 3
Our destination is the bright red cliffs of Bunyip Reach above Lock 6. Breakfast is followed by a briefing on the Murray Darling Basin before cruising to the Chowilla Creek Environmental Regulator to learn about environmental watering and new stewardship for the river. Walk along beautiful meandering Chowilla Creek and visit the proposed site of the 1960’s Chowilla Dam. Restored wetlands and waterbirds will inspire you and after lunch we traverse Bunyip Reach cliffs and capture the beauty of this landscape on route to Queens Bend Cliffs where we celebrate completing our walking journey. We cruise home to our houseboat as the late afternoon sun illuminates the cliffs. Distance - 18km cruising, 2km walking.
Day 4
After breakfast enjoy an optional 2km self guided walk along the river,, before we all cruise together through Lock 6 and experience the fall in river level. We continue cruising downstream enjoying fresh coffee and cake for morning tea reflecting on our experience, marvelling at the riverscapes we’ve just walked along, before arriving at historic Wilkadene Woolshed and its innovative micro-brewery. Enjoy a tour with the head brewer before sitting down with your guides to a fine barbecue. After lunch we say our farewells and transfer by vehicle back to Renmark for arrival at 2.00pm. Distance - 23km cruising, 2km walking.