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ATII - Indochina In-Depth

If you think it's impossible to cover all of Indochina in 41 days, well, we'd like to prove you wrong. This epic, fast-paced journey covers five countries in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar), making it the perfect snapshot for first-time visitors. Your days will be packed to the gills with activities like visiting Angkor Wat, trekking with hilltribes in Myanmar (Burma), cruising on Halong Bay, and touring temples and markets. And with two overnight homestays, sleeper trains, and three included flights, you can rest easy knowing you're getting the most out of your time in this mind-blowing region.


Your G for Good Moment: Local Khmer Meal, Siem Reap Your G for Good Moment: Oodles of Noodles Demonstration and Lunch, Hoi An Your G for Good Moment: Mekong River Homestay, Muang Pakb ng Your G for Good Moment: Meal at Sanon Restaurant and Culinary Training School, Bagan Your Big Night Out Moment: Siem Reap Your Discover Moment: Phnom Penh Your Discover Moment: Ho Chi Minh City Your Discover Moment: Luang Prabang Your Discover Moment: Chiang Mai
Guided tour of Angkor Wat temple complex
Halong Bay boat cruise with lunch
Witnessing the giving of alms (Luang Prabang)
Slow boat up the Mekong
Trekking excursion (Kengtung)
Sunrise temple tour (Bagan)
Orientation walks in Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Hanoi, Phnom Penh, Luang Prabang, and Yangon
Two street food crawls in different cities
Internal flights
All transport between destinations and to/from included activities
Tour Provider G Adventures
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $3,841
Start Location
Bangkok, Thailand
End Location
Bangkok, Thailand
Age Range
18 to 39
Group Size
1 to 16
Tour Style
Tour Themes
Cycling/Trekking, Fast and Fun
Physical Rating
Easy to Moderate
Tour departure dates
18 Jan 201927 Feb 2019Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
25 Jan 201906 Mar 20192AUD $4,679
01 Feb 201913 Mar 20195AUD $4,679
08 Feb 201920 Mar 20198AUD $4,679
15 Feb 201927 Mar 20193AUD $4,679
22 Feb 201903 Apr 20196AUD $4,679
01 Mar 201910 Apr 2019Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
08 Mar 201917 Apr 20198AUD $4,679
15 Mar 201924 Apr 20195AUD $4,679
22 Mar 201901 May 2019Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
29 Mar 201908 May 20199AUD $4,679
05 Apr 201915 May 20199AUD $4,519
12 Apr 201922 May 201915AUD $4,519
26 Apr 201905 Jun 201914AUD $4,519
03 May 201912 Jun 20198AUD $3,841
10 May 201919 Jun 201916AUD $3,841
24 May 201903 Jul 20196AUD $3,841
31 May 201910 Jul 2019Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
07 Jun 201917 Jul 201916AUD $3,841
21 Jun 201931 Jul 201913AUD $3,841
28 Jun 201907 Aug 201912AUD $3,841
05 Jul 201914 Aug 201916AUD $3,977
19 Jul 201928 Aug 201916AUD $3,977
26 Jul 201904 Sep 201915AUD $3,977
02 Aug 201911 Sep 201917AUD $4,679
16 Aug 201925 Sep 201917AUD $4,519
23 Aug 201902 Oct 2019Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
30 Aug 201909 Oct 201916AUD $4,519
13 Sep 201923 Oct 201918AUD $4,519
20 Sep 201930 Oct 201917AUD $4,519
27 Sep 201906 Nov 201917AUD $4,519
11 Oct 201920 Nov 201915AUD $4,519
18 Oct 201927 Nov 201918AUD $4,519
25 Oct 201904 Dec 201917AUD $4,519
08 Nov 201918 Dec 201916AUD $4,679
15 Nov 201925 Dec 201916AUD $4,679
22 Nov 201901 Jan 202017AUD $4,679
06 Dec 201915 Jan 202016AUD $4,679
13 Dec 201922 Jan 202018AUD $4,679
20 Dec 201929 Jan 202018AUD $4,679
03 Jan 202012 Feb 202018AUD $4,679
10 Jan 202019 Feb 202018AUD $4,679
17 Jan 202026 Feb 202018AUD $4,679
24 Jan 202004 Mar 202018AUD $4,679
31 Jan 202011 Mar 202018AUD $4,679
07 Feb 202018 Mar 202018AUD $4,679
14 Feb 202025 Mar 202017AUD $4,679
21 Feb 202001 Apr 202018AUD $4,679
28 Feb 202008 Apr 202016AUD $4,679
06 Mar 202015 Apr 202018AUD $4,679
13 Mar 202022 Apr 202018AUD $4,679
20 Mar 202029 Apr 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
27 Mar 202006 May 202018AUD $4,679
03 Apr 202013 May 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
10 Apr 202020 May 202017AUD $4,519
17 Apr 202027 May 202018AUD $4,519
24 Apr 202003 Jun 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
01 May 202010 Jun 202018AUD $4,519
08 May 202017 Jun 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
15 May 202024 Jun 202018AUD $4,519
22 May 202001 Jul 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
29 May 202008 Jul 202018AUD $4,519
05 Jun 202015 Jul 202018AUD $4,519
12 Jun 202022 Jul 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
19 Jun 202029 Jul 202018AUD $4,519
26 Jun 202005 Aug 202018AUD $4,519
03 Jul 202012 Aug 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
10 Jul 202019 Aug 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
17 Jul 202026 Aug 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
24 Jul 202002 Sep 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
31 Jul 202009 Sep 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
07 Aug 202016 Sep 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
14 Aug 202023 Sep 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
21 Aug 202030 Sep 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
28 Aug 202007 Oct 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
04 Sep 202014 Oct 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
11 Sep 202021 Oct 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
18 Sep 202028 Oct 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
25 Sep 202004 Nov 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
02 Oct 202011 Nov 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
09 Oct 202018 Nov 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
16 Oct 202025 Nov 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
23 Oct 202002 Dec 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
30 Oct 202009 Dec 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
06 Nov 202016 Dec 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
13 Nov 202023 Dec 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
20 Nov 202030 Dec 2020Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
27 Nov 202006 Jan 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
04 Dec 202013 Jan 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
11 Dec 202020 Jan 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
18 Dec 202027 Jan 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
25 Dec 202003 Feb 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
01 Jan 202110 Feb 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
08 Jan 202117 Feb 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
15 Jan 202124 Feb 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
22 Jan 202103 Mar 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
29 Jan 202110 Mar 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
05 Feb 202117 Mar 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
12 Feb 202124 Mar 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
19 Feb 202131 Mar 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
26 Feb 202107 Apr 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
05 Mar 202114 Apr 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
12 Mar 202121 Apr 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
19 Mar 202128 Apr 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
26 Mar 202105 May 2021Fully BookedAUD $3,841 
Day 1 - Bangkok
Arrive at any time.
Day 2 - Bangkok/Siem Reap
Travel to Siem Reap. Enjoy a delicious Khmer meal at a G Adventures for Good-supported project.
Day 3 - Siem Reap
Guided tour of Angkor Wat temple complex. Opt to visit Tonle Sap floating village and Angkor National Museum.
Day 4 - Siem Reap/Phnom Penh
Transfer to Cambodia's capital. Orientation walk around Phnom Penh.
Day 5 - Phnom Penh
Opt to learn about Cambodia's sombre history with a visit to the Tuol Sleng Prison and the Killing Fields.
Day 6 - Phnom Penh/Koh Rong
Transfer to Sihanoukville then take a boat ride to your own private beach on Koh Rong. Check in and go for a swim in the warm waves before relaxing with a drink on the beach.
Day 7 - Koh Rong
Swim, relax by the beach or opt to go snorkelling, fishing, hiking or kayaking. On nights without a large moon opt to swim in a sea of blue sparkles caused by phosphorescent plankton.
Day 8 - Chambok Homestay
Travel back to the mainland, then to a village homestay. Enjoy a homecooked meal with the hosts.
Day 9 - Chambok Homestay/Ho Chi Minh City
Cross the border to Vietnam and continue on to Ho Chi Minh City. Opt to visit the Ben Thahn market then enjoy a street food crawl with the group and CEO before your night out.
Day 36 - Bagan/Mandalay
Enjoy an included breakfast at Sanon, a G Adventures-supported restaurant and culinary training school. Afterwards, travel to Mandalay and enjoy free time. Opt to climb Mandalay Hill or visit the Golden Monastery.
Day 35 - Bagan
Enjoy a free day to visit nearby villages or further explore the ruins.
Day 34 - Bagan
Arrive early in the morning and visit the ancient site of Bagan for a sunrise temple tour. Enjoy free time for the rest of the day.
Day 33 - Inle Lake/Bagan
Continue exploring Inle Lake with another free day. Later this evening, board an overnight bus to Bagan.
Day 10 - Ho Chi Minh City/Nha Trang
Discover the energy of Vietnam's biggest city on a CEO-led orientation walk and continue exploring with free time. Overnight train to Nha Trang.
Day 13 - Da Nang/Hoi An
Get your bearings with an orientation walk before free time in the afternoon. Go on an evening street food crawl with the group and CEO to get to know more about the delicious local specialties. Opt to take a cooking class, cycle to the beach, visit a tailor, or explore the old town.
Day 12 - Nha Trang/Da Nang
Free time in Nha Trang. Overnight train to Hoi An.
Day 11 - Nha Trang
Arrive in Nha Trang in the morning with plenty of time to explore local shops and markets, relax on the beach or visit nearby historical sites.
Day 37 - Mandalay/Yangon
Enjoy a free day before boarding an overnight bus to Yangon.
Day 14 - Hoi An
Enjoy a noodle-making demonstration and local lunch at the G Adventures-supported Oodles of Noodles Project. Later, opt to take a cooking class, cycle to the beach, visit a tailor, or explore the old town with free time.
Day 38 - Yangon
Enjoy an orientation walk in the country's largest city, and opt to visit the incredible Shwedagon Pagoda.
Day 15 - Hoi An/Hu?
Continue the journey north to the city of Hue. Opt to visit the Royal Citadel and tombs, take a Perfume River cruise or tour the countryside by motorbike.
Day 20 - Hanoi/Vientiane
A short flight brings the group to the capital city of Laos. Opt to visit temples, see the golden stupa of That Luang, or scour the markets.
Day 19 - Hanoi
Spend time exploring Hanoi.
Day 18 - Ha Long/Hanoi
Get to know Hanoi with an orientation walk through the Old Quarter. Opt to see Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum, the Temple of Literature, and the Hoa Lo Prison, or shop in the Old Quarter.
Day 17 - Hanoi/Ha Long
Visit Halong Bay for a seafood lunch cruise and cave visit.
Day 16 - Hu?/Hanoi
Free time in Hue. Overnight train to Hanoi.
Day 32 - Inle Lake
Enjoy free time to explore the area. Opt to rent a bike, take a cooking class, or tour the lake by boat, visiting some of its floating villages and gardens.
Day 39 - Yangon
Spend a free day exploring the country's former capital.
Day 31 - Kengtung/Inle Lake
Opt to soak up the lively atmosphere of Kyaing Tong Market with a free morning. This afternoon, travel in style with a quick flight to serene Inle, home to the Intha people, floating villages, and leg rowers.
Day 21 - Vientiane/Vang Vieng
Enjoy the beautiful limestone karsts surrounding Vang Vieng. Free time to hike, bike, swim or go caving.
Day 29 - Chiang Mai/Kengtung
Cross the border into Myanmar (Burma), then travel inland to the ethnically diverse town of Kengtung.
Day 28 - Chiang Mai
Enjoy a free day to explore. Opt to visit Doi Suthep temple, catch a Thai boxing match, or grab a bargain at the famous night market.
Day 27 - Chiang Khong/Chiang Mai
Drive to Chiang Mai. Opt to visit Doi Suthep temple, catch a Thai boxing match or grab a bargain at the famous night market.
Day 26 - Pak Beng/Chiang Khong
Mekong River travel day. Cross into Thailand.
Day 25 - Luang Prabang/Pak Beng
Cruise the Mekong on a long houseboat before arriving at a village homestay for the night.
Day 24 - Luang Prabang
Witness the giving of alms to the Buddhist monks and visit the night market. Opt to take a cooking class, visit temples or cool off at Kuang Si Waterfalls.
Day 23 - Vang Vieng/Luang Prabang
This morning travel from Vang Vieng to Luang Prabang. Get your bearings with a CEO-led orientation walk.
Day 22 - Vang Vieng
Free time to explore Vang Vieng. Opt to explore some of the caves by bicycle or take an invigorating walk.
Day 40 - Yangon/Bangkok
Fly back to Thailand. Enjoy a final night with the group in the country's capital city.
Day 30 - Kengtung
Enjoy an included trek through rice paddies along a countryside dotted by various hilltribes. Try Shan khao sw , a noodle soup and regional staple it's delicious.
Day 41 - Bangkok
Depart at any time.