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Icelandic Adventure - 2018

Set out on a small group journey that reveals Iceland's adventurous landscapes and cultural heritage. Explore old town Reykjavik during a walking tour. Witness the stunning Golden Circle first hand. See Thingvellir National Park and the unbelievable Gullfoss Waterfall. Experience the Fri heimar greenhouse cultivation center. Be immersed in Icelandic life during a countryside farmhouse stay. Go whale watching in Skjalfandi Bay with specialized RIB boats. Travel the Diamond Circle and spend time at the geothermal baths of Lake Myvatn. Marvel at the vast Asbyrgi Canyon. Spend time with a family that keeps alive traditional methods of catching and preserving Greenland shark. Climb aboard a mountain truck to explore the Sn fellsj kull glacier. Then choose the way you explore: with a mountain hike or a glacier hike. Complete your tour with a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon.


6 breakfasts
6 dinners
Experience an 8,000-year-old lava tube during a guided tour of Vatnshellir Cave.
Spend time with a family that keeps alive a 400-year-old tradition of catching and preserving Greenland shark.
Spend time at the geothermal baths of Lake M vatn.
Tour Provider Collette
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $5,519
Start Location
Reykjav k, Iceland
End Location
Reykjav k, Iceland
Age Range
Avg. 50+
Group Size
1 to 24
Tour Style
Tour Themes
Physical Rating
Tour departure dates
25 Sep 201805 Oct 2018GuaranteedAUD $5,519
Reykjav k, Iceland - Tour Begins
You are on your way. Set out to discover Iceland's adventurous landscapes and rich cultural heritage. From ethereal lava fields to thundering waterfalls to coastal villages, this tour reveals the island's dramatic contrasts. Your journey opens in Reykjav k.
Reykjav k
Step into Icelandic culture and explore the historic side of this capital city during a guided walking tour. As we make our way through the old section of the city, see the towering Hallgrimskirkja church, city hall, the harbor and Reykjav k's oldest building, home of the Kraum Icelandic design center. Marvel at Reykjav k's modern architecture, especially the Harpa concert hall and its famous glass fa ade. Tonight, get to know your fellow travelers during a delectable Icelandic dinner at a distinctive local restaurant.
Breakfast Included
Dinner Included
Reykjav k - Golden Circle - Reykjav k
Travel the Golden Circle. This spectacular route takes you to many of Iceland's most renowned natural wonders. Begin at Thingvellir National Park, where Icelanders gathered in A.D. 930 and established one of the world's first parliaments. Here, at Thingvellir's rift valley, stand at the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (UNESCO), the point where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. Next, lose yourself in the beauty of the Gullfoss (Golden Falls) waterfall, a stunning 100-foot double cascade. Stop at the famous thermal area of Geysir and see the fountain geyser known as Strokkur. Watch for its explosive vertical spout which can reach 90 feet. Then, visit the Fri heimar greenhouse cultivation center. Learn how the Icelanders grow delicious pesticide-free tomats and cucumbers with the aid of the island's geothermal energy. Witness the Icelandic farm-to-table culinary culture. We have more in store as you discover the special breed of Icelandic horse during a brief show* and stable visit on a family-run farm.
Breakfast Included
Reykjav k - Akureyri - Go afoss - Sta arbraut - H sav k
Experience the true beauty of the way up north. This morning we fly** to Akureyri. Upon arrival*** enjoy some leisure time to absorb the quaint culture of Iceland's "Capital of the North". En route to H sav k, stop at one of Iceland's most historic waterfalls, Go afoss, where Iceland was converted to Christianity in A.D. 1000. Next we'll make a stop at Sta arbraut to see its fascinating collection of turf settlement homes. Later, settle into your farmhouse in the Icelandic countryside. This family-owned property holds an environmental gold certification. Savor the reflective stillness of its dreamlike surroundings during a 3-night stay. This evening, enjoy the true essence of farm-to-table as locally sourced ingredients are incorporated in your dining experience.
Breakfast Included
Dinner Included
H sav k - Asbyrgi Canyon - H sav k
Today begins at the horsesh shaped sbyrgi Canyon. Hear the legend behind the canyon as you take in the view of this massive formation. Later we venture into the town of H sav k. Ancient tales say this was the first place in Iceland settled by the Norse. Your adventure starts with a visit to the town's whaling museum. Then take to the sea! Gear up in thermal wear because you'll be joining expert whale watchers on Sk lfandi Bay. Aboard specialized zodiacs, get as close as you can to whales in northern Iceland. You may see the humpback, minke, fin or harbor porpoise, and possibly the orca or giant blue whales that frequent these waters. This afternoon enjoy some leisure time and meet the people who call this town home.
H sav k - Diamond Circle - Dettifoss - Lake M vatn - H sav k
Spend today exploring the highlights of the magnificent Diamond Circle, a scenic circuit that covers over 160 miles. Begin with the powerful Dettifoss waterfall, known to be one of the strongest waterfalls in all of Europe due to its volume. Then visit Hverir, where geothermal activity comes to life on the earth's surface. Continue onto Sk tusta ag gar and get up close to rootless cones, or pseudo-craters, which were formed by lava coming in contact with Lake M vatn's waters rather than a volcanic eruption. Next, marvel at Lake M vatn, the Blue Lagoon of the north. Enjoy time exploring the warm, mineral-rich geothermal waters of this man-made lagoon. This evening continue to experience the gifts of your surroundings during another farm-to-table inspired dinner.
Dinner Included
H sav k - Sn fellsnes Peninsula - Stykkish lmur
Are you ready for a place unlike any other? Today you experience the otherworldliness of the Sn fellsnes Peninsula during a scenic drive to Stykkish lmur. This afternoon enjoy leisure time in the quaint fishing village to explore the picturesque scenery and charming shops and museums.
Dinner Included
Stykkish lmur - Vatnshellir Cave - Sn fellsj kull Glacier Experience
Today, continue your journey through the Sn fellsnes Peninsula, with its camera-ready black sand beaches, stunning cliffs, mountain peaks, volcanic craters, plunging waterfalls, rocky coastlines, and tiny fishing villages. Get ready to journey 100 feet below the ground to an 8,000-year-old lava tube on a thrilling tour of Vatnshellir Cave.**** In addition to seeing the amazing rock pigments, lava formations, stalagmites, and stalactites of the cave, you'll also get to experience total and absolute darkness. Back in the light of day, gear up to ascend the captivating Sn fellsj kull glacier***** via mountain truck! Under a tented venue surrounded by Iceland's pastoral splendor, join your mountain guides for an exclusive tasting of local epicurean specialties. Then, it's your choice! Join an expert glacier guide on a hike that brings you to nearly 3,000 feet, where breathtaking ice formations, moulins, and crevasses reside in full view. Or, venture alongside a guide for a mountain hike to see a lava field's myriad textures and pigments.
Breakfast Included
Stykkish lmur - Borgarnes - Blue Lagoon - Reykjav k
Our voyage continues as we head south on the Sn fellsnes Peninsula. Embark on a true Icelandic cultural adventure as you spend time with a family that keeps alive a 400-year-old tradition of catching and preserving Greenland shark. See the fishing boat that was used by their grandfather; the tiny farmer's church; and explore the museum to learn more about Iceland's deep relationship with this trade. Before leaving, test your culinary courage and try h karl (cured shark meat), a local specialty. Visit the Settlement Museum to dive into the origins of Icelandic heritage including the works of the famous Viking - and pt - Egill Skallagr msson. Embark on a drive to the Reykjanes Peninsula, best known as the home of the Blue Lagoon. You can't leave Iceland without taking a dip in the warm, mineral-rich waters of this geothermal wonder, located in the middle of a dramatic lava field. Spend the afternoon at leisure before coming together for an unforgettable farewell dinner at a restaurant featuring Icelandic-inspired cuisine.
Breakfast Included
Dinner Included
Reykjav k - Tour Ends
Head for home having uncovered Iceland's adventurous side.
Breakfast Included