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SEV10LB - Gal pagos North, Central & South Islands aboard the Estrella del Mar

Cruise aboard the comfortable Estrella as you cast your net around the southern islands of the Gal pagos. Meet marine iguanas on Santa F and blue-footed boobies on North Seymour. Encounter sea lions and a beautiful saltwater lagoon on Espa ola Island. Snorkelling gear is included and a Naturalist Guide is on hand to offer expert insights. Best of all, after a full day of adventure, you can enjoy sunset drinks on deck before retiring to your air-conditioned cabin private bath and an ocean view are standard. And, as always with G Adventures, our vessels are exclusive, so you know you're exploring in good company.


Cruise the Gal pagos Islands aboard the Estrella (7 nts)
All meals aboard the Estrella
Certified Gal pagos National Park Service Guide
Snorkelling at Isla Lobos, Kicker Rock, Gardner Bay, Corona del Diablo and Darwin Bay
Post Office Bay visit (Floreana)
Spot frigatebirds and blue-footed boobies (North Seymour Island)
Hike to the Bartolom Island viewpoint overlooking the famous Pinnacle Rock
Excursion to see red-footed boobies (Genovesa Island)
Excursion to see giant tortoises in the wild (Santa Cruz Island)
Onboard snorkelling equipment and wetsuits
Internal flights
All transport between destinations and to/from included activities
Tour Provider G Adventures
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $0
Start Location
Quito, Ecuador
End Location
Quito, Ecuador
Age Range
Avg. 30+
Group Size
1 to 16
Tour Style
Tour Themes
Small Marine/Cruise
Physical Rating
Tour departure dates
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Day 1 - Quito
Arrive at any time.
Day 2 - Quito/Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Fly to San Crist bal Island. Meet the guide and transfer to the boat. Visit Isla Lobos in the afternoon.
Day 3 - Punta Pitt/Cerro Brujo
Enjoy a morning visit to Punta Pitt, the only site in the Gal pagos where it is possible to see the three species of boobies as well as frigatebirds, all nesting in the same area. Walk up to the colonies along the lava flows of this volcanic island. In the afternoon, visit the beautiful white powdery sand beaches of Cerro Brujo and snorkel with the marine life at the famous Leon Dormido, otherwise known as Kicker Rock, off San Crist bal.
Day 4 - Bah a Gardner/Punta Su rez
Arrive in the southern islands to spend the morning on the beach. Play the with sea lions and enjoy some of the best snorkelling in Bahia Gardner. Later, head to Punta Su rez on the extreme western side of Espa ola and go for an amazing coastal walk with opportunities to see the Gal pagos albatross, which generally nests between April and November.
Day 5 - Floreana Island
Spend the morning visiting Mirador de la Baronesa on Floreana island and send a postcard from famous Post Office Bay. In the afternoon, enjoy a snorkelling excursion at the Corona del Diablo and landing at Punta Cormorant. Take guided walks to observe the birds and wildlife and learn about the natural history.
Day 6 - North Seymour/Bartolom Island
Early breakfast and landing at North Seymour in the morning to observe frigatebirds and blue-footed boobies. Afternoon hike up to the top of Bartolom Island to see pinnacle rock one of the most famous views of the Gal pagos. Cool off with a swim from the soft sandy beach.
Day 7 - Genovesa Island
Take a morning walk up the caldera to see red-footed boobies and other birds before searching for marine life in the protected Bahia Darwin. Enjoy an afternoon hike to the Prince Philip steps to get an amazing view of the island.
Day 8 - Islas Plaza/Santa F Island
Enjoy a morning walk around South Plaza islet looking out for marine birds and sea lions swimming in the turquoise waters. Later, explore Santa F keeping a close eye out for land iguanas in the unique cactus forest.
Day 9 - Puerto Ayora/Quito
Early morning visit to see the giant tortoises and lava tunnels in the highlands before heading to the airport and flying back to Quito.
Day 10 - Quito
Depart at any time.