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SMCS - Colombia's Caribbean Coast & Lost City

Colombia has a certain kind of magic that you won't find anywhere else in the Caribbean. On this trip, you'll experience it first-hand via visits to rural villages, treks through Tayrona National Park's picturesque trails and (of course), downtime on the beach. Later, head deep into the jungle to Teyuna the fabled Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) older than Machu Picchu a place crowded with history and free of crowds. Colombia is mysterious. Come figure out the riddle.


G Adventures for Good: Wiwa Community Visit & Lunch, Gotsezhi Village
City tour in Cartagena
Hike to Pozo Azul (2hrs)
Tayrona NP (excluding February departures)
Hike with local guide (5hrs)
Trek to the Lost City with indigenous guide (5 days)
Guided tour of the Lost City
All transport between destinations and to/from included activities
Tour Provider G Adventures
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $2,039
Start Location
Cartagena, Colombia
End Location
Santa Marta, Colombia
Age Range
Avg. 30+
Group Size
1 to 16
Tour Style
Tour Themes
Physical Rating
Moderate to Challenging
Tour departure dates
28 Oct 201810 Nov 2018Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
04 Nov 201817 Nov 2018Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
11 Nov 201824 Nov 2018Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
18 Nov 201801 Dec 2018Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
25 Nov 201808 Dec 2018Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
02 Dec 201815 Dec 2018Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
16 Dec 201829 Dec 20181AUD $2,124
23 Dec 201805 Jan 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
30 Dec 201812 Jan 20191AUD $2,124
06 Jan 201919 Jan 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
13 Jan 201926 Jan 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
20 Jan 201902 Feb 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
27 Jan 201909 Feb 20199AUD $2,175
03 Feb 201916 Feb 201910AUD $2,175
10 Feb 201923 Feb 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
17 Feb 201902 Mar 20197AUD $2,175
24 Feb 201909 Mar 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
03 Mar 201916 Mar 201910AUD $2,226
10 Mar 201923 Mar 201910AUD $2,226
17 Mar 201930 Mar 201910AUD $2,226
24 Mar 201906 Apr 201916AUD $2,226
31 Mar 201913 Apr 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
07 Apr 201920 Apr 201914AUD $2,175
14 Apr 201927 Apr 201914AUD $2,175
21 Apr 201904 May 201914AUD $2,175
28 Apr 201911 May 201915AUD $2,175
05 May 201918 May 201916AUD $2,124
12 May 201925 May 201913AUD $2,124
19 May 201901 Jun 201916AUD $2,124
26 May 201908 Jun 201913AUD $2,124
02 Jun 201915 Jun 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
09 Jun 201922 Jun 201914AUD $2,124
23 Jun 201906 Jul 201916AUD $2,124
30 Jun 201913 Jul 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
07 Jul 201920 Jul 201916AUD $2,124
14 Jul 201927 Jul 201916AUD $2,124
21 Jul 201903 Aug 201916AUD $2,124
28 Jul 201910 Aug 201916AUD $2,124
04 Aug 201917 Aug 201916AUD $2,124
11 Aug 201924 Aug 201916AUD $2,124
15 Sep 201928 Sep 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
22 Sep 201905 Oct 201915AUD $2,039
29 Sep 201912 Oct 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
06 Oct 201919 Oct 201916AUD $2,039
13 Oct 201926 Oct 201915AUD $2,039
20 Oct 201902 Nov 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
27 Oct 201909 Nov 201916AUD $2,039
03 Nov 201916 Nov 201916AUD $2,039
10 Nov 201923 Nov 201916AUD $2,039
17 Nov 201930 Nov 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
24 Nov 201907 Dec 201916AUD $2,039
01 Dec 201914 Dec 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
08 Dec 201921 Dec 2019Fully BookedAUD $2,039 
15 Dec 201928 Dec 201916AUD $2,226
22 Dec 201904 Jan 202015AUD $2,226
29 Dec 201911 Jan 202016AUD $2,226
05 Jan 202018 Jan 202016AUD $2,559
Day 1 - Cartagena
Arrive at any time.
Day 2 - Cartagena
Enjoy a city tour, visiting the colonial walled city and fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy free time to take in the Caribbean vibe of the city and beach.
Day 3 - Cartagena/Minca
Travel to the small town of Minca, breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy free time to explore.
Day 4 - Minca/Taganga
Journey into the hills around Minca and hike to a beautiful waterfall. Take a tour of a coffee farm, learn about chocolate preparation and indulge in a local lunch. Continue to Taganga, a perfect base for exploring nearby Tayrona National Park.
Day 5 - Taganga
Spend the day exploring Taganga. Opt for more active options like snorkelling or hiking or hit one of the beaches and relax in a hammock.
Day 6 - Taganga/Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona
Head into Tayrona National Park for a moderate hike with a local guide. This is a perfect opportunity to experience nature and learn a little more about the rich, natural diversity of northern Colombia. Stay in a lodge close to the park.
Day 7 - Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona/Santa Marta
Return to Santa Marta for an optional evening out on the town.
Day 8 - Santa Marta
Relax on the beautiful Caribbean coast in Santa Marta or go further afield to explore.
Day 9 - Santa Marta/ Wiwa Camp
Transfer to Machete Pelao, where the trek to the Lost City of Teyuna begins. Trek through farmland, steamy jungle, and rural Kogi communities. Get a glimpse into the local way of life in the remote river valleys of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Day 10 - Wiwa Camp /Teyuna Paraiso Camp
Continue trekking along the route to Ciudad Perdida. Today is a tough portion of the trek with a lot of steep inclines, make sure to rest and take in the beautiful views. Arrive at the campsite in the afternoon and relax by the river.
Day 11 - Teyuna Paraiso Camp/ Wiwa Camp
Get started early to climb the 1,200 steps up to the Lost City. The view of the surrounding Sierra Nevada Mountains makes it well worth the hike. Explore the Lost City and learn what is known of its origins from the indigenous guide, before making the descent back to Wiwa Camp for the night.
Day 12 - Wiwa Camp /Ricardito Camp
Follow the path back through the deep jungle, wind through banana trees, cacao plants and small Kogi communities on the way to Ricardito Camp. The nickname for this camp is vista hermosa or beautiful views, sit back and soak them in.
Day 13 - Gotsezhi Village/Santa Marta
Head across grassy hills and gentle streams to reach the Gotsezhi Wiwa indigenous community. Enjoy a G Adventures-supported lunch prepared by women from the community. Learn about Wiwa customs on a village visit and then lounge in a hammock by the river or opt to explore nearby waterfalls. In the afternoon, return to Santa Marta for a well deserved night in a hotel.
Day 14 - Santa Marta
Depart at any time.