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Classic Inca Trail

The historic Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu is a classic hike, considered by many to be one of the greatest short treks in the world. Importantly, our trek along the Inca Trail spends ample time in Cusco and exploring some of the impressive Inca sites in the Sacred Valley. This not only allows for us to acclimatise to the altitude, but also provides a fascinating introduction to Incan culture and history before heading out onto the infamous Inca Trail. During the trek we ascend the passes, jungle trails and cloud forest to appreciate the panorama of Andean peaks that would have inspired the Inca people as we make our way to Machu Picchu. Words cannot describe the exhilaration of the first sighting of the enigmatic ruins and we allow plenty of time to visit the massive sanctuary. Rather than heading straight back to Cusco we spend a night in Aguas Calientes which vitally gives us a second visit to the ruins and an opportunity to visit the majestic site at its best, early the following morning.


10 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 dinners
Airport transfers if arriving/departing on days 1 and 11 only
Expert bilingual guide for each section
Inca Trail Permit (please check availability with us at the time of booking)
Comfortable and central hotels
Private internal transportation
The use of a gear pack for the trek including sleeping bag, fibre filled jacket, thermarest and head torch
Porters to carry personal gear on the trek
Group camping equipment
Sightseeing and site entrance fees as listed (including Machu Picchu entrance fee)
Group medical kit
Trek the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Acclimatise to the altitude with day walks through impressive Inca sites of the Sacred Valley before the Inca Trail trek
Overnight stay in Aguas Calientes allowing time to recharge after the hike
Extra visit to Machu Picchu to fully appreciate this new world wonder
Enjoy strolling through the narrow Inca streets and temple/fortress site of Ollantaytambo
Visit a traditional weaving cooperative at Chinchero, the mythological birthplace of the rainbow
Visit the visual spectacle of thousands of ancient salt pools carved into the mountainside at the historic Maras salt mines
Discover Moray's mysterious concentric circular terraces
Take in the splendour of Cusco with its plazas, markets, cultural wonders and excellent restaurants
Enjoy the memorable and scenic tourist train journey from Machu Picchu to Ollantaytambo
Tour Provider World Expeditions
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $3,290
Start Location
Lima, Peru
End Location
Age Range
Avg. 30+
Group Size
2 to 16
Tour Style
Tour Themes
Physical Rating
Easy to Moderate
Tour departure dates
16 Sep 201926 Sep 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
19 Sep 201929 Sep 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
23 Sep 201903 Oct 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
26 Sep 201906 Oct 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
30 Sep 201910 Oct 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
03 Oct 201913 Oct 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
07 Oct 201917 Oct 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
10 Oct 201920 Oct 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
14 Oct 201924 Oct 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
17 Oct 201927 Oct 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
21 Oct 201931 Oct 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
24 Oct 201903 Nov 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
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31 Oct 201910 Nov 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
04 Nov 201914 Nov 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
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11 Nov 201921 Nov 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
14 Nov 201924 Nov 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
18 Nov 201928 Nov 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
21 Nov 201901 Dec 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
25 Nov 201905 Dec 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
28 Nov 201908 Dec 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
02 Dec 201912 Dec 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
05 Dec 201915 Dec 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
09 Dec 201919 Dec 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
16 Dec 201926 Dec 2019AvailableAUD $3,290
02 Mar 202012 Mar 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
05 Mar 202015 Mar 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
09 Mar 202019 Mar 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
12 Mar 202022 Mar 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
16 Mar 202026 Mar 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
19 Mar 202029 Mar 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
23 Mar 202002 Apr 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
26 Mar 202005 Apr 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
30 Mar 202009 Apr 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
02 Apr 202012 Apr 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
06 Apr 202016 Apr 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
09 Apr 202019 Apr 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
13 Apr 202023 Apr 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
16 Apr 202026 Apr 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
20 Apr 202030 Apr 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
23 Apr 202003 May 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
27 Apr 202007 May 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
30 Apr 202010 May 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
04 May 202014 May 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
07 May 202017 May 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
11 May 202021 May 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
14 May 202024 May 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
18 May 202028 May 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
25 May 202004 Jun 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
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22 Jun 202002 Jul 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
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10 Sep 202020 Sep 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
14 Sep 202024 Sep 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
17 Sep 202027 Sep 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
21 Sep 202001 Oct 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
24 Sep 202004 Oct 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
28 Sep 202008 Oct 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
01 Oct 202011 Oct 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
05 Oct 202015 Oct 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
08 Oct 202018 Oct 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
12 Oct 202022 Oct 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
15 Oct 202025 Oct 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
19 Oct 202029 Oct 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
22 Oct 202001 Nov 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
26 Oct 202005 Nov 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
29 Oct 202008 Nov 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
02 Nov 202012 Nov 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
05 Nov 202015 Nov 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
09 Nov 202019 Nov 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
12 Nov 202022 Nov 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
16 Nov 202026 Nov 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
19 Nov 202029 Nov 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
23 Nov 202003 Dec 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
26 Nov 202006 Dec 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
30 Nov 202010 Dec 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
03 Dec 202013 Dec 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
07 Dec 202017 Dec 2020AvailableAUD $3,400
Day 1
You will be met at the airport and transferred to the hotel where you are free to rest in the hotel or just wander around Miraflores, the area of Lima where our hotel is located. Some of Lima’s best galleries and shops and restaurants are located in this area. Founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1535, Lima is the oldest capital in South America, with a superb combination of Spanish Colonial and 19th century European architecture. If you have time to visit a museum we would recommend the brilliant Larco Herrera Museum which also has an excellent onsite restaurant or the Museo de La Nacion or the Larco Herrera Museum. Overnight: Casa Andina Standard Miraflores Centro or similar.
Day 2
Transfer to Lima airport in the early morning and fly to Cusco (if you organise your own flights, please ask us for the group flight details before you book flights, otherwise additional airport transfer costs will apply). Try to get a seat on the left side of the aircraft for the best views of stunning snow peaks. After your transfer to your hotel located in the historic centre you will have some time to explore the city and also enjoy a few hours of rest, essential to initiate successful acclimatisation to the altitude. In the evening you will meet with your guide and others joining the trip at 6pm at your hotel for a trip briefing. Overnight: Casa Andina Standard Cathedral or similar.
Day 3
Today we have a guided tour of Cusco and its nearby ruins. The city, once capital of the extensive Inca Empire, has seen many changes since Francisco Pizarro's men took the city with such apparent ease in November 1533. We explore the city by foot to appreciate its superbly constructed Inca walls and architecturally extravagant colonial churches and palaces. This also includes a visit of Koricancha, the Golden Temple of the Sun, in ancient times. After this we take a short drive to visit the monolithic walls of Sacsayhuaman along with Tambomachay, better known as ‘the bath of the Inca’. Both sites are spectacularly set above the city. In the afternoon you may have time to explore some of the central parts of the city and a chance to look at some of the great varieties of local craft work on sale in open-air artisan markets and shops. Overnight: Casa Andina Standard Cathedral or similar.
Day 4
We leave Cusco and head to the Chinchero Plateau to explore Chinchero, an important town in Inca times. The most striking remnant of this period is the massive stone wall in the main plaza which has ten trapezoidal niches. There are beautiful views overlooking the Sacred Valley of the Incas, with the Cordillera Vilcabamba and the snow-capped peak of Salcantay dominating the western horizon. Chinchero is believed to be the mythical birthplace of the rainbow. Next we visit the mysterious concentric circular terraces of Moray which, according to some scholars, could have been an agricultural research centre. From here we head to the salt mines of Maras. This village is a salt-producing centre that dates back all the way to pre-Inca times. There are thousands of salt pools all carved into the mountain side. Due to a change in regulations, visitors are not allowed to walk through the salt mine anymore to avoid contamination of the salt. We will go to a lookout point from where we have stunning views of the salt pools. From here we will walk for about 1 hour mainly downhill to Pichingoto. Enjoy this rarely walked path and soak up the incredible setting of the Sacred Valley. Our car will be waiting for us in Pichingoto and we drive to our hotel in Ollantaytambo. The rest of the afternoon is free to relax and enjoy the beauty of this famous town. Overnight: Tika Wasi Hotel or similar.
Day 5
Today we enjoy another day in the beautiful Sacred Valley with a tour of Ollantaytambo. During our time in Ollantaytambo we visit its remarkable temple/fortress set high on a ridge above the village. We also explore the quaint village itself with a fascinating mixture of Inca and Colonial architecture. This evening we have a pre-trek briefing with our trekking guide at our hotel and prepare for the trek. Here you will receive your kitbags and jackets for your trek. Overnight: Tika Wasi Hotel or similar.
Day 6
You will be picked up early from your hotel in the Sacred Valley for the drive to Chilca or Piscacucho where we start our first day of trekking. At this point we meet our cooks, porters and camp staff before setting off on this famous ‘Royal Highway of the Incas’, built more than 500 years ago. The first day involves approximately five to six hours of walking. During the first few hours of walking we follow the course of the famous Urubamba River before stopping to admire the archaeological site of Patallacta 2750m (9,020ft) – an ancient Inca city built on a series of terraces below the trail. From here we continue to follow the narrow valley of the Cusichaca River to camp at one of two sites near the village of Huayllabamba 3,100m (10137ft). This means we avoid the very crowded camp sites within the village used by most of the trekkers on the Inca Trail. We will walk approx 12km (5-6 hours). *Important: Please be aware that, because of the Peruvian authorities' rules on the Inca Trail, there may be changes in the actual trek itinerary and the campsites we use.
Day 7
After breakfast, we begin the most difficult part of the trek. We continue up this narrow valley on the left bank of the river - whose source is one of the great glaciers of Mt Salcantay. We then start the steep climb up our first pass, Warmihuañusca, which is also the highest point of the journey at 4,200m (13,700ft). After a rest at the pass and time to take in the spectacular views we descend steeply into the Pacamayo Valley 3,500m (13,700ft) where we spend our second night on the Inca Trail. We will walk approx 11km (6-7 hours). Overnight: Campsite.
Day 8
Today is the longest day (eight to nine hours of walking) but also the most impressive and interesting because of the amount of archaeological complexes and cloud forest we will find as we walk. After breakfast in our campsite in the verdant Pacamayo Valley we start ascending towards the small but impressively set ruins at Runkuraqay and on to Cochapata set just below the second pass at 3,900m (12,800ft). From here we walk the short distance to the pass and then descend past a mysterious small green lake to the large ruins of Sayacmarca and on to the last pass at 3,800m (12,450ft) which is more like a low ridge-line than a true pass. From here we get a great view down into the forested gorge of the Urubamba River set more than 1700 metres below us. A short hike from here takes us over the Phuyupatamarca Pass at 3,700m (12,140ft), aptly named the ‘City in the Clouds’. We walk down along an incredibly well preserved section of the Inca Trail with great white granite slab walls and staircases all impressively set in high jungle to our final campsite at Wiñay Wayna 2,679m (8,790ft). We will walk approx 16km (8-9 hours). Overnight: Campsite.
Day 9
After breakfast we walk the last few kilometres to finally reach Inti Punku (The Gateway to the Sun) awe-inspiringly set above the ‘lost city’ of Machu Picchu 2,400m (7,900ft). Your first view of the ruins really ds take your breath away! We will enjoy a guided tour of the sanctuary followed by time to explore this fascinating site at your own pace (with the accompaniment of the guide). We return by bus down to Aguas Calientes for lunch (at your own expense, there are many options to choose from) and check in to our hotel to recharge or this is a good time for a well deserved soak in the nearby hot springs (optional). We say farewell to our guide and some of the Inca Trail trekkers returning to Cusco this afternoon. We will walk approx 3km to the Gateway of the Sun (2 hours). Overnight: El Mapi Hotel or similar. *Important: Peruvian authorities have implemented entry restrictions to protect Machu Picchu from the impact of its immense popularity. As of 1st July 2017 there are three time slots in which patrons can enter Machu Picchu for a maximum of four hours and must follow one of three predetermined routes. Admission is not allowed after 4pm. Additionally, all visitors must be accompanied by a guide at all times. These changes have been made to improve the visitor experience and in an effort to deal with overcrowding. World Expeditions endeavours to ensure you get the most of your Machu Picchu experience regardless of these restrictions.
Day 10
This morning we get up early to savour the views and atmosphere of the mystical morning light over Machu Picchu. We are treated to a unique second visit to Machu Picchu including another guided tour (conducted by a local guide) visiting the sites that you may have missed yesterday in this colossal sanctuary. After the official tour ends, you will have more time in the company of the guide to continue exploring this incredible site. In the afternoon or early evening we depart from Machu Picchu for the train ride back to Ollantaytambo where we transfer to our vehicle for the drive back to Cusco. Overnight: Casa Andina Cathedral Hotel or similar. NB - depending on train schedules, we may arrive into Cusco very late at night. OPTIONAL HUAYNA PICCHU CLIMB OR MACHU PICCHU MOUNTAIN CLIMB - For the more adventurous, you can purchase an additional Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain permit (ask us for costs), and forego the guided tour of Machu Picchu which is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please be aware that this is NOT a guided climb, and it takes a minimum of 3 hours return. Both climbs are very steep (including many small and narrow steps) and can be slippery and are very exposed with vertiginous drops. Before purchasing the permit on your behalf (non-refundable and non-transferable), we require any passengers to sign a waiver form. Note - there are limited Huayna Picchu permits and they sell out fast, if you are interested in this option, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.
Day 11
After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport where your trip concludes.