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Bernese Oberland Glacier Trek

This glacier tour is more than just a high mountain trek. It's an expedition into the heart of 'post card perfect' traditional Switzerland, its verdant valleys and cobalt lakes, a setting dominated by 4000m peaks. We will cross this fantastic Oberland massif from east to west, learning the basic mountaineering skills required to enjoy this marvellous high mountain world of snow, rock and glaciers. This is really an amazing tour-de-force introducing you to the heart of the largest glacial ensemble in the Alps. Once in the centre of the Konkordiaplatz it is difficult not to be overwhelmed by the quasi-Himalayan dimension of the surrounding peaks and snowy expanses. From this sea of ice, the Aletsch glacier, runs a magnificent 22km ice river, the largest in Europe. We will cross a glacial col every day opening our eyes to new panoramic sights and new summits, each inspiring a desire to one day, return to visit them all!


6 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 6 dinners
6 nights in mountain huts/refuges
Certified UIAGM high altitude mountain guide (ratio of 4-8 participants per guide)
All common climbing gear (ropes, carabiners etc)
Internal transport
Traverse the massive Konkordiaplatz Glacier
Accommodated in comfortable mountain huts
Exhilarating trekking in the Swiss Alps
Climb the Petersgrat (3126m)
Opportunity to ascend to the summit of the Ebnefluh (3962m)
Tour Provider World Expeditions
Number of Days
Price From
AUD $3,490
Start Location
Interlaken, Switzerland
End Location
Age Range
Avg. 30+
Group Size
4 to 8
Tour Style
Tour Themes
Adventure, Cycling/Trekking
Physical Rating
Moderate to Challenging
Tour departure dates
30 Jun 201906 Jul 2019AvailableAUD $3,490
04 Aug 201910 Aug 2019AvailableAUD $3,490
25 Aug 201931 Aug 2019AvailableAUD $3,490
28 Jun 202004 Jul 2020AvailableAUD $3,590
02 Aug 202008 Aug 2020AvailableAUD $3,590
23 Aug 202029 Aug 2020AvailableAUD $3,590
Day 1
Meet at the railway station in Interlaken Ost at 1pm, for a briefing of the week ahead plus gear check. From the Grimsel Pass, we will walk for approximately 1.5 hours to reach our designated inn situated on the shore of Lake Oberaar, with the Oberaarjoch glacier and pass as its backdrop. Along the way we will marvel at the Aar glacier, the third biggest in the Alps, dominated by the faces of Finsteraarhorn, the Lauteraarhorn and the Schreckhorn. The Grimsel region also has one of the largest hydrlectric resources in the Swiss Alps. Approx walking altitude: +1095m / -372m
Day 2
Ascent to the Oberaarjochh tte (3258m) bordering the Oberaarsee, and then up the Oberaar glacier. Cross the Oberaar pass at 3231m, and arrive at the Oberaarjoch hut situated on the col. If we have the time and the energy, there is the possibility of an easy climb to the summit of the Oberaarhorn. Approx walking time / altitude: 5-6 hours; +1100m
Day 3
Descent of the Galmihorngletsher to rejoin the Rotloch, at the intersection with the Fiesch glacier. We will then re-ascend this immense river of ice heading towards the Gr nhornl cke at 3286m. This little pass allows us to pass onto the Gr neggfirn glacier descending to the Konkordiaplatz. The view of the Finsterhaarhorn to the east and the glacial immensity to the west is striking, and puts the size of these alpine giants into perspective. Descend to the Konkordia hut (2850m) with the scaling of metallic steps anchored into the cliff. At each landing, a sign indicates the era during which the glacier reached that particular point. The decent is unbelievable! Approx walking time / altitude: 5-6 hours; +480m / -400m
Day 4
Today we will cross the snow covered immensity of the Konkordiaplatz, the meeting point of all the glaciers giving birth to the Aletsch glacier. Beneath our feet lies 1000m of ice, a point where a million cubic metres of ice passes by each year. Then we will traverse 7km to the Hollandia refuge located on the L tschenl cke. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Fafleralp valley from the refuge. Approx walking time / altitude: 5-6 hours; +400m
Day 5
An easy and optional ascent of the Ebnefluh (3962m) via gentle snow slopes, with stunning views of the entire mountain range. Descend via the same route to the Hollandia hut, and then to Fafleralp (1788m) at the foot of the impressive north faces. Then onto the Langg glacier, and across fields and prairies via a very pretty little path. Overnight in dormitories at a hostel. Approx walking time / altitude: 6-8 hours; +730m / -2100m
Day 6
Today we will hike the glacier route with an ascent of the Petersgrat (3126m), a strange glacial dome bordering between two valleys. Afterwards we will descend to the Mutthorn hut (2898m). Approx walking time / altitude: 5-7 hours; +1320m
Day 7
Today is the last day of this fantastic journey to the heart of the largest glacial ensemble in the Alps. We will descend via the Tschingelfirn to the valley of Stechelberg and to the village of the same name. Transfer to Interlaken where trip concludes. Approx walking time / altitude: 4-5 hours; -2000m