Journey Atlas Travel Hub

Welcome to Journey Atlas travel hub, the place where you can find inspiration for your holiday from our collection of organised group tours and plan all those pesky but vital details for a memorable adventure.

Our Mission

Our purpose at Journey Atlas is to open up the world of organised travel to everyone, from gap year to solo adventure to luxury travel on land and water. A Journey Atlas traveller is anyone ready for a connection to cultures, destinations and experiences. At Journey Atlas we believe that travel creates lifelong memories, emotional connections and brings the story teller out in every traveller.

The Journey Atlas Story

Hi, I'm Alex and I love travel, if I can’t travel then I read about travel and follow other people’s travel journeys. I travel on my own and with my partner in crime Greg. My solo travels are usually in group tours and I have had amazing experiences which is why this website specialises in group tours.
I have been passionate about travel from a young age, my first overseas trip was at age 15 and it began a lifelong love affair. I have created Journey Atlas travel hub to share my love of travel and help fellow travellers find their next amazing memory making experience. Journey Atlas is a non-affiliated website and there aren’t any preferred supplier partnerships. Travel is a unique experience for every traveller and I don’t believe in placing restrictions on anyone’s experience.

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